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Tweet Binder will be attending the #TCDisrupt

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Hallo #TCDisrupt

November is going to be amazing. First of all, we have launched an updated version of our Twitter analytics platform. This new update allows you to create reports faster than ever. Moreover the rating panel is even more intuitive than before. Do you need to analyze a hashtag in real time? Create a PRO report? Now you can do it in a few seconds. On the other hand, during this month, we’ll launch new social solutions with two of our dearest clients. Last but not least… Some members of our team will travel to Berlin to attend the #TCDisrupt. Do you want to meet us? Visit us in Berlin on November 29th and 30th at the TechCrunch Disrupt. Hallo Berlin!

Tweet Binder and its eye-catching social solutions for brands

Our team is excited about the #TCDisrupt. This is an incredible opportunity to meet some of the most promising startups on the international scene. It is also the perfect place to present Tweet Binder and its full potential. Our company is focused on offering the best social solutions for companies and brands. With this premise, our team will go to TechCrunch Disrupt to present all the analytical services and custom projects that Tweet Binder offers. Over the years, many companies and brands have trusted our platform to analyze amazing campaigns on social networks. As we have often said, our products pursue to surprise the audience and generate community in a fun and organic way.

Choose the best solution for your brand

  • Battles of hashtags: It dynamizes any event on Twitter through a battle between two or more users. The competition can be moved from the venue to Twitter. It generates more conversation and impacts. Users will feel part of the event or campaign by seeing that their opinion (their tweets) counts.
  • Geolocation of social content: Thanks to Tweet Binder, it is possible to create maps and geolocation social content. This is the perfect solution for musical tours, sports events…
  • Twitter user analysis: Our Twitter user analytics platform allows you to collect statistics from your accounts. It also updates a ranking of the Twitter handles that are interesting for us. We order them according to their overall score. We consider different aspects of the accounts (followers, tweets sent, followed, mentions…) to calculate this score.
  • Economic value of the users: Twego, the new tool powered by Tweet Binder, allows you to know the economic market value of any account on Twitter. It also provides the economic engagement value that takes into account the level of engagement expected for that user. Here you can find out more about Twego.

#TCDisrupt: Follow the hashtag in real time

We offer numerous social solutions for campaigns but we can not deny our origin. The analysis of any hashtag in real time. #TCDisrupt is not be an exception. During this month and until the end of the event, we will be monitoring this hashtag in real time. Do you want to know its Twitter activity? Want to try any other hashtag? Don’t forget to visit Oh, and if you are in Berlin on November 29th and 30th, you can come and meet us. We will be at the TechCrunch Disrupt, you only have to find us or send us a tweet.