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Amaze your audience with Tweet Binder Events

We can’t stop! We have just launched our new services for events and campaigns in real time: Interactive Social Media Walls , the best way to amaze and impact your audience.

You know how important the Social Media Walls for events are. We have written a lot about how Tweet Binder can help you to take your event to the next level but… Here you have our

6 social media events highlights

  1. Real Time Analysis: The main point of an event is the power of real time. That’s why we offer the option to collect and show all the tweets/pics in streaming. You will be immediately updated about your campaign so you could make an informed decision anytime you need.
  2.  Twitter and Instagram content: Each event is unique and thanks to Tweet Binder Events you will choose between showing tweets, Instagram pics or both content. Obviously it’s the best option to amaze your audience and clients depending on their target or kind of event.
  3. 100% personalized social media walls for events: We provide complete solutions to display tweets, rankings and pics pretty amazingly. You will be able to choose the template (or propose your own idea), the background image, colors, logo… The best way to amaze your audience!
  4. Ranking of users and speakers: Audience and speakers are the essence at your event. Listening it’s really important to know your audience’s opinion, realize if the speakers you work with are really making a difference and reward your supporters by showing your stats in the Twitter Wall for events
  5. Moderation: Tweet Binder allows you to show real time data and pics on big screens through our Tweet Walls and Photo Walls. But, you can even go further because you can validate all the content shared and choose what you want to show or not. It’s really useful (and easy) if you want to take control over the haters and trolls.
  6. Total support: Tweet Binder team is here to help you with your Twitter and Instagram wall so you will have a dedicated agent before, during and after the event.

Interactive Social Media Walls

Do you want to promote the best event? No matter if it’s a conference, a congress or a concert… Thanks to Tweet Binder Tweet Walls, you can achieve more participation, improve your brand image and increase the engagement.

social walls for events
Interactive Social Media Walls by Tweet Binder

The benefits of the Walls are amazing. On the one hand, you will be offering them as an additional service in organizing the event but you can also make them sponsored by your partner or organization. Moreover, you can choose the best template and topic according to your kind of event.

Real time analysis

The most amazing issue about an event is the power of real time. That’s why we offer the option to collect and show all the tweets on real time with the Interactive Social Media Wall. We provide complete solutions to display the tweets and data pretty amazingly. You will be updated immediately about your campaign so you could execute smarter and fast decisions according to its evolution.


The stats and the data are facts when measuring an event and Tweet Binder will help you to make them relevant, interesting and even friendly.


Show all your stats with an Interactive Social Media Wall. We will design the best look for your reports and stats and we will include extra info to make them even cooler.

Do you want to talk to us? We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you need more info and you want to promote the best event ever, choose Tweet Binder!