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Tweet Binder 2.0 Released

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Welcome to the new Tweet Binder (July 2018)

Update: this post was published to welcome the new version of Tweet Binder in July 2018. It is an antique now.

We can finally introduce the New Tweet Binder. We had been announcing the launch of the Twitter metrics platform for several weeks and we are very happy: It’s finally here! We’ve spent a few crazy months making ready what’s coming. After a long time working, we present something that we are very proud of. The whole team has gone over the project. Everyone has left their skin to make an even better Twitter metrics platform.

Try the new Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is well known for being one of the best monitoring tools on the market. In addition, now is faster, more efficient, more powerful and more beautiful. Little remains for us to do, right? Or so it seems at first glance. However, the New Tweet Binder comes with new products like the economic market value of the hashtag.

The new Twitter metrics platform arrives loaded with surprises

During the development process we have come up with many ideas. We are a very creative team, to be honest ? some of them are left for later. But others finally came true. The new Tweet Binder brings incredible novelties. There were people outside the company who had the opportunity to see everything before the official launch of the Twitter metrics platform. It was crazy! Summing up: we are really satisfied with our work.

Firstly, some of the ideas seemed crazy to us. But with effort, research, errors, successes and much desire we have brought forward. The launch of the Twitter metrics platform offers a completely renewed version. Little remains of the old Tweet Binder. Just the design of some parts. Inside is completely NEW: new technologies, new codes, new functionalities, new metrics… All this has been possible thanks to the dedication and effort of a very excited team. A common project that we presented very proud.

Some of the things we found in the new Tweet Binder: Economic hashtag value

This time we have focused very much on the needs of our real customers. And that’s why the launch of the Twitter metrics platform brings new metrics. Metrics that allow you to view data related to the original content (to which we have given much importance). Others that show us users that create a lot of activity (answers, Retuits…) and the economic market value of the hashtag. The main thing is the economic value of a hashtag. This metric has created great expectations among our clients. No Wonder! This is something completely new and unique.

The economic value is calculated taking into account several criteria. It mainly consists on two values: the economic value of the user and the economic market value of the tweets. Through our own algorithm we can determine the economic market value of any hashtag. Tweet Binder calculates the value of each user who has tweeted on our search and the value of the tweets of each of those users. These two variables make up the final value.

If you want to know more about the new Tweet Binder during the launch of the Twitter metrics platform, do not miss our next posts. You’ll be surprised!

Discover the new Tweet Binder!