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Tweet Binder

Investment round in Tweet Binder – A letter from our CEO

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After the investment, Tweet Binder’s dream keeps getting better

Hi there, this is Javier Abrego CEO of Tweet Binder. We are extremely happy to announce that we just closed our first investment round! We got funds to keep making Tweet Binder, the platform to analyze hashtags on Twitter, much better.

It’s been a very long journey and we couldn’t be happier, for real. We started looking for investment in the beginning of last year. We wanted to rock the market and launch some cool new products to make the tracking of hashtags great (again). This was the first time we went out there seeking for investment. We knocked many (many!) doors. We had our heads full of new ideas and our hearts full of hope. There we went, with our business plan and our big portfolio thinking we will get the investment quickly. However it took us almost a year to find the right investors. We have been extremely lucky we must say, we have found the best investors. They believed, that’s what I can say “they did believe in Tweet Binder”: the product, the strategy, the team and the history of this company.

Great investors for an amazing team

We got three new investors:

  • Lumi Technologies (UK): A long time client of Tweet Binder who has been a key part for developing our new events technology. They will be sitting in the board of directors adding their experience on conferences and events, a great add on to our company.
  • University of Navarre (Spain): Our alma mater launched a new fund last year which was managed by the company “Clave Mayor”.It’s really cool that the university you have studied in invest in your company. Trough “Clave Mayor” they will be adding their experience on finances and strategy.
  • Rodrigo Miranda (Spain): Rodrigo is one of the top investor in digital business in Spain and managing director of the ISDI, one of the best business school which is focused on the online sector. Rodrigo will be sitting on the board of Tweet Binder as well and we trust he helps us making the platform amazing.

With the new funds we will be launching cool stuff this year and hiring to professionals to help us carrying out our new strategy. We can’t wait to start working! Thanks to everyone involved in this process. This 2017 many new things will happen here, please stay tuned.