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Tweet Binder

Discord and Twitter

Looking for ways to connect apps is commonplace on the internet. Nowadays, people like to be constantly in touch through an app or in person. There are tons of apps out there that help connecting people, in this post we will talk about Discord. As we are a twitter tracking tool, we will mainly point out ways of making Discord Twitter connections.

What is discord?

If you are familiar with the video games environment you probably have heard the name Discord. Discord is a chat app like Slack or Skype. Its users can communicate using voice calls, video calls or instant messages, among other ways. The most useful thing about discord is that you can easily look for users who are talking about the topic you are interested in (f.e. animal crossing video game or twitter analytics).

Discord and Twitter

There are many reasons to connect Twitter and Discord. For instance, you can trigger an alert when someone sends a tweet and send a message to a discord channel. And here is when Tweet Binder appears. Tweet Binder can trigger different alerts when some events occur on Twitter.

Alert of new Twitter follows

Twitter followers is a metric that should be carefully read. Tweet Binder has a system that tracks accounts and sends notifications when these master accounts have started following someone. It also detects when they do unfollow. These notifications can be sent via Discord. The user can choose the frequency between notifications, for example, every hour. 

most followed twitter accounts
Check also the most followed accounts and the new follows they receive.

New Twitter likes

Twitter likes are a very important metric as well. Our Twitter tracking tool also detects when a Twitter user has liked someone’s tweet. This is another event that can trigger a notification on Discord. 

Elon Musk Twitter
Likes from Elon Musk in mid. November. See the accounts and tweets he’s liking. 

Making connect between Discord and Twitter is pretty easy. And with Tweet Binder’s help you will be able to get notifications when events of your interest occur. Contact us today to learn how to get these services. You can also start to use Tweet Binder by entering the hashtags you want to track in the search box below: