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How and why to create a Business Twitter Account

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Twitter is part of our daily lives. Whether we have an account or not, we hear about it and are shown tweets on a daily basis. No matter if it’s in the news, promotions or series. Tweets and hashtags are all around us. So it makes a lot of sense to consider creating a business Twitter account. Doubts about whether and how to be there may make us hesitate. We may even think it is not necessary. But adding up and betting on something that should only add up does not have to demotivate us.

We can start by checking if the competition has a business Twitter account. Also, try to understand and read about Twitter statistics. Even which basic Twitter metrics to look out for. Or, why not, analyze Twitter data to see if people are talking about us, our industry or our competitors. And, of course, find out who is doing it and if we can engage them as customers.

How to create a Twitter account

Once we have cleared our doubts about whether to create a Twitter account for our company, we can start. To create a Twitter account we must follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Twitter’s website
  2. Select the “Sign up” option
  3. Choose your user name. The best thing to do would be to use your company’s name, so that it is well identified. Then fill in the fields indicated.
  4. If you want to be found by telephone number, select the option.
  5. Confirm the data by clicking on “Register”.
  6. You will receive a SMS to verify your account. That’s it!

Once we have created the account, we must be precise when creating our Twitter profile for business. How?

  1. Putting a description of our services or business.
  2. Including our company’s website (if we have one).
  3. Also indicating where we are located (if we have a physical business).
  4. Including a profile and header image according to our company’s image.

Our profile is our cover letter. Therefore, it is important to make sure that everything is clear. Both who we are and what we offer. The image and the text must be taken care of. The success of our company’s Twitter account depends on it. As we mentioned before, looking at what other companies do can be helpful. Getting inspired and taking ideas is free, there is nothing wrong with that.

Benefits of creating a business Twitter account

  1. Visibility: being on Twitter brings visibility to your company.
  2. Proximity: it also allows you to interact face to face with users, customers and potential customers.
  3. Opportunity: it even allows you to carry out promotions, contests or, why not, contact them.
  4. New business opportunities: with a business Twitter account you can expand your business exposure, attract customers and even create a community.
  5. Hashtags: we can create our own hashtag or a business hashtag to group the conversations and tweets we send.

Interesting Twitter metrics

Once we have our company Twitter account we must see who to follow. It’s simple, the social network itself will suggest accounts or we can use the search engine to find profiles. Moreover, as we share tweets and converse, we will gain followers. Therefore, it is interesting to know how to measure and evaluate the data of our Twitter account. It is interesting to use Twitter monitoring tools. For example: Tweet Binder.

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Analyze your company’s Twitter account data with Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder’s Twitter reports are very complete. It is possible to analyze accounts, hashtags, find phone number using phone number finder tool and words… For example, with a real-time report we can make a detailed follow-up of the mentions and tweets we receive. Or, with a historical report, we can make reports with past data on topics of interest to our company. Within the reports we will see data such as: impact, reach, number of tweets… All the metrics of a report are explained in this post and here is how to view the tweets of a report. And not only that, all the data analyzed in Twitter can be exported in Excel.

Twitter also has its own section with data from tweets and the account itself. Today is a good day to create a business Twitter account, don’t put it off any longer. And, if you have any questions about how to take advantage of Twitter data, contact us.