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Crucial Steps to Take to Drive Followers to Your Twitter in 2019

In this post, we are going to show you how you can drive followers to your Twitter account, step by step. Keep reading to know all the details and do not miss anything!

Drive Followers to your Twitter Account

With 2019 well underway we can notice a rise in popularity and influence of social media platforms. Whether you are a small independent content creator or a big industry name in the international corporate sphere, chances are that you are already present on Twitter.

According to the latest data, there are currently over 326 million active users on Twitter, with 500 million visiting the website without actually logging in.

The astonishing traffic and engagement should be taken into account when you consider driving followers towards your Twitter account in 2019. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some tried-and-tested ways in which you can improve your presence on Twitter in order to gain some much-needed exposure.

Know your followers better

Steps to Take to Drive Followers to Your Twitter

🚀 Write an Engaging Bio

Twitter’s bio section is arguably one of the most important parts of your profile on the platform. This is especially true considering that the biofield is limited to 160 characters, making it crucial that you get it right. Write your bio so that people from your industry, niche and professional field can relate to it.

Empower your Twitter bio

Twitter Bio for @UN_Women

Avoid generalized statements, prolonged greetings or special characters. You are allowed to “cut corners” in terms of grammar and spelling to make the most out of your bio, so take some time and create a unique and creative message for future followers. To that end, you can refer to a professional platform such as Trust My Paper for the content creation process of your Twitter bio to achieve the best results.

Michelle has a very catchy Twitter bio

Michelle Obama’s Twitter bio

👌 Tweet, Tweet, Tweet Some More

While it may be obvious to some, it’s worth pointing out the importance of tweeting on a daily basis. The short-form nature of Twitter’s status updates allows users to “tweet” often during the day without devoting too much time to the process. This is why people tend to follow individuals who are active and engage the community on a regular basis.

Analyze your Tweets

You can share random thoughts, important announcements, reactions to trending news and a plethora of other bits of information. Make it a habit to type tweets as often as you can to drive your profile’s activity forward and create an incentive for people to follow your content.

Tweet your daily events and keep your followers posted Kendall Jenner tweets about her daily events


🔥 Use Trendy Hashtags

Associating your profile with up-to-date happenings, discussions and trending topics will drive your follower numbers up significantly. With 2019 under way, we can already see a surge in current news sharing and Twitter discussions on different public topics.

Analyze your hashtags for FREE

The more present, informed and engaged you are with the latest news, the more likely you are to gain new followers each time you tweet. Placing hashtags in tweets helps in those efforts since you can reuse popular tags to associate your tweets and opinions with those status updates. Be careful of your spelling though since it takes a single letter or blank space to drive your efforts in the wrong direction.

Popular hashtags increase followers User popular hashtags to engage with the audience

❤️ Follow Industry Influencers

Twitter is just as much about who “you” follow as much as it is about who follows you. You should follow popular accounts of individuals, companies, influencers and platform leaders as much as possible.

Know your popular accounts

It will allow you to stay in touch with current news and trends but also associate your profile further with prominent figures on Twitter. That way, your potential followers will be able to trust you more quickly and hit the “Follow” button faster as a result.

We love Ellen Degeneres Ellen is a true Twitter and life influencer

⚡ Re-Tweet Trending Tweets

Re-tweeting popular and trending tweets on Twitter isn’t considered copying someone else’s content. If anything, you are in open support of whomever you just re-tweeted on your profile.

Who does Re-Tweet you more?

The platform is built with re-tweets in mind, displaying the original tweet creator above each status update for transparency reasons. Sharing news or opinions of other Twitter influencers will also help you blend in with the popular crowd and attract new followers to your profile in 2019 regardless of the niche you specialize in.

Any user can retweet a tweet
Gigi Hadid retweets @ELLEmagazine

⌛ Interlink Your Twitter Account

Lastly, Twitter is only one platform in a sea of social media platforms. It’s worth interlinking your Twitter account with as many social outlets as possible to drive further engagement with your profile.

Your Twitter handle can easily be embedded into bios and contact information on your website and other social media pages across the web. Make sure to interlink all of your profiles for ease of access and to allow people to follow your content on multiple fronts.

Analyze Mentions

In Summary

The year 2019 shows no signs of stopping when it comes to the influential powers of social media channels. Make your Twitter voice heard by refreshing the profile page with the latest information and up-to-date news and content.

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Start driving your follower numbers up today and don’t stop for anything. That way, the right audience will be incentivized to follow your content creation as time goes by.