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How yo analyze hashtags at tweetbinder.com

Tweet Binder, one of the users’ favorite social media analytic tool, has recently experienced significant changes. However, these changes and improvements have not changed the core of the tool: Analyze hashtags quickly and easily. Thanks to Tweet Binder you can get all the Twitter metrics with a single click. It’s as easy as typing the specific search on the top bar. Once we type the search, we generate two types of Twitter reports. The basic and the advanced Twitter Impact reports. It does not matter if your report is free or if you have purchased the analysis with us or if you are a PRO user. We allow to analyze hashtags with no limits. We will always obtain the basic report with a very intuitive design and attractive graphics that will help us to better understand how our campaign has worked.

Twitter impact report: Basic Stats

The Twitter Impact report includes the most relevant Twitter metrics at one place. A quick look at the numbers will help us to get an idea of how our campaign or event has gone. Not only in terms of the number of tweets that have been shared. Also in relation to the users who have taken part in the conversation and the temporary use of the hashtag.

Informe infográfico de Tweet Binder
Discover the main metrics 

Basic report: Global Vision

Firstly, the Twitter impact report shows a module with the general statistics on the hashtag (or search). We will discover the total number of tweets that have been shared. Moreover, the total amount of users who have participated, the impressions and the economical market value of the hashtag. If you have any questions, do not worry. By placing the mouse on top of the question marks, you will be able to consult a brief explanation of each of the Twitter metrics. On the other hand, the report also concretes the different types of tweets. It separates four types: tweets, links and photos, retuits and answers. Thanks to this differentiation, you will be able to discover if your campaign has been based on original content. On the contrary, you’ll find out if they have had more retuits within the global computation.

Secondly, the advanced report includes a temporary graph. This graph is dynamic. For that reason, you can choose the metrics of Twitter to show or hide within the graph. In addition, there are several new features related to the graph. Now, it is possible to download the graphic as a PNG file, you can edit it via Plot or compare the data by searching the highest activity.

Tweet Binder image
Activity chart

On the other hand, two new users rankings are included. The most active users (those who have sent the largest number of tweets, including the retweets) and the most popular users depending on the number of followers. It is so important to analyze hashtags but it is also important to know those who have used them. Finally, you will be able to navigate through a picture gallery showing the most outstanding images that have been shared under the hashtag or search.

Go deeper into the Twitter metrics

Having a brief picture of how our campaign has worked is great. But we have to go one step further and go deeper into the statistics. As a result, Tweet Binder completes its offer with the advanced report. This report includes the Twitter metrics that we have already mentioned but also many more. You can find out all about the Advanced Tweet Binder reports through our blog. Don’t forget that our tool offers you the widest coverage of your hashtags. On the one hand, you will receive the report with the basic statistics, also the advanced version and, of course, the Excel exportation so you can play and delve into the statistics.

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