Twitter Analytics and hashtag analysis with Tweet Binder

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Why should you use Twitter Analytics?

Analyzing campaigns launched on Twitter is indispensable in Social Media. It is true that there are many tools to create this kind of analysis but in this case, we are going to focus on Twitter Analytics to discover our account’s stats and on Tweet Binder for the hashtag analysis. Measuring the impact of our actions on Twitter is essential for planning future strategies. For that reason, it is important to analyze the data and statistics through a Twitter platform and with your own Twitter report.

Discovering Twitter Analytics

First of all, we have to admit that Twitter Analytics is the best way to have an overview of our account’s performance. The panel offers the main stats and the most relevant content related with our user. By visiting your own Twitter page, you will have the summary just on the top part. Twitter shows us the total amount of tweets, impressions, visits, mentions and followers. What is more (and better), the stats are updated daily and you will discover the change over the previous period. It is really easy to identify the growth or decrease in green or read. Is there anything more intuitive? You also have available the summary of the previous months showing the same stats.

Twitter analytics panel
Check out the previous stats in just one look

On the other hand, Twitter Analytics shows the Twitter highlights of the currently month and the previous ones. Thanks to this analytic tool you will be able to discover the top tweets and mentions. Moreover, you will find out your top follower and top media tweet. This information is really useful to analyze the impact reached by your publications and see which content works better.

Create the perfect hashtag analysis

We have detected our account’s stats but… What about the hashtag analysis? It is really important to have all the tweets shared under a hashtag and its statistics. Tweet Binder goes into action at that point. It is the perfect analytics tool to run any hashtag analysis with no limits. Thanks to Tweet Binder you will be able to analyze any hashtag, no matter when it has been used.

  • Free Twitter report: You will get a Twitter report with data from the last 7 days and up to a maximum of 2,000 tweets. The excel exportation is NOT included.
  • PRO reports: You will get a Twitter report with data from the last 7 days and up to 6,000 tweets. Excel exportation included.
  • Live campaign: Monitor any hashtag, term or account in real time with not data limit.
  • Historical report:  Tweet Binder offers reports for the last 30 days and, if you need it, also for previous date ranges. There are no limits because we can access data since 2006.

Get your Twitter report and analyze!

Getting a Twitter report with Tweet Binder is really easy. You can purchase it directly from our site or, if you prefer, you can ask for it via email. Once you get the Twitter report, you will obtain the most complete hashtag analytics. The report includes the main stats (total number of tweets, users, impacts and reach…), more than 8 rankings of users, top related hashtag, most retweeted accounts… Countless information!  On the other hand, you will receive the excel file to get a deeper and significant approach to the obtained results.

Tweet Binder Twitter analytics
Twitter reports by Tweet Binder

Are you convinced now? If you need more arguments, we will be more than happy to help you with your hashtag analytics. Getting a Twitter report is super easy. In fact, the reports are better (and more complete) now. Feel free to contact us!