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Twitter Analytics on a Social Media Plan

Twitter Analytics are a very important part of any Social Media Plan. They are key to have a clear and well-defined strategy. Also, we need to know the basic concepts behind Twitter Analytics. We have talked before about some terms like Twitter impressions and reach, in this post we will talk about other important ones that will help you to understand better this fascinating world. Tweet Binder has been offering Twitter analytics for the past years and we have seen thousands of reports. Our clients and users have also added some interesting metrics to our Twitter reports. Our goal is that everyone who uses Tweet Binder gets a complete and understandable report on hashtags or accounts.

Twitter Analytics rock!
Twitter user rankings are very important in any strategy. Here a list of them at an event.

In this article we will go trough some analytics and we will be explaining some of them. Please feel free to contact us to ask anything.

User Rankings

Twitter user rankings are one of the elements that bring more attention. They show how people were interacting with whatever we are analyzing. Let’s imagine we are analyzing the hashtag of one TV Show, for example #BachelorInParadise, the ABC TV Show that we happen to be fans of. We have created a Twitter Analytics report of the hashtag and it offers 8 types of users rankings:

  • Most active Twitter users ranking: here we are listing all the people who sent either an original tweet or a retweet. All together. In the TV Show report we have the user @bachnationunite as the most active. She sent 20 tweets, no matter if they are retweets or original tweets.
  • Most active retweeters: in this case we show only those people who just retweeted tweets with the hashtag. In the previous example, the user @bachnationunite is listed with 9 retweets, she retweeted 9 tweets that contained the hashtag of the TV Show #BachelorinParadise.
  • Most original Twitter users: what we show in this ranking is the number of original tweets (those that are not retweets) sent by users. In the previous example, our friend @bachnationunite is listed here with 11 tweets, original tweets. She is one of the users who added “original content”, it can be a text tweet, picture, link or reply. These people are the ones who actually add content. You may want to know who the people sending info are and not just those that are retweeting.

These three rankings are very important in any strategy. You need to know who added content and who added just impressions with their retweets.

Paradise is to measure TV Shows on Twitter
Pic taken from elitedaily.com. Logo of the TV Show
  • Most popular Twitter users: here you will see a complete list of users ordered by the number of followers. We know that sometimes having a lot of followers doesn’t mean that you have actual influence, but it is essential to know who are the ones with the highest number of followers. In the TV Show example lets take a look to the most popular accounts:
E! News@enews11,211,733
People Magazine@People7,761,949
Entertainment Weekly@EW6,424,166
Today Show@TodayShow4,017,601
  • Highest impact users: these users are ordered by the number of impacts they have generated. They might not be “popular” or “active” but in our Twitter Analytics report they are very important as well because they helped the hashtag to be seen. It is normal that popular users appear in this ranking, however we can see surprises sometimes. For example, in our report we see that the account @TVGuide appears with 4,555,100 impact (see how Twitter impact is calculated). This accounts should be taken in consideration because they are helping the TV Show to get noticed.
  • Top photographers: this is a simple list of users ordered by the number of pictures they have shared. This is very interesting to see as well.

On the report there are two additional Twitter user rankings. In this case, these two new rankings are more related to the engagement users created:

  • Most mentioned users: a list of users who received the highest number of mentions. The curious thing here is that these users maybe didn’t tweet with the official hashtag but users mentioned them anyway. This is the case of Corinne Olympios, @CorinneOly, who received 28 mentions and she didn’t tweet. This is very common on TV shows and Sports events.
  • Most retweeted users: here we see a list of users who received the highest number of retweets. In this case, these users need to tweet using the hashtag of the show to be counted. The official account of the show got 698 retweets @BachParadise. An interesting exercise is to see how many retweets an user got in relation with the number of tweets sent. It is not the same engagement if I send 1 tweet and get 20 retweets or if I send 100 tweets and get 20 retweets.

Twitter users are key on Twitter Analytics

We have seen in this post that Twitter users play a key role on any Twitter Analytics strategy. We need to identify who they are and how we can engage with them. In the example of #BachelorinParadise we would have to see who is driving the conversation so we can create some actions with them. Also, these users can become an important part of your Twitter community brining new users or prescribing your product. But we need to make sure that the approach is correct, we cannot be invasive with them. They need to feel confortable. Remember that our reports are more complete now.

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