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Tweet Binder: New Twitter reports

It’s been a long time since we announced changes that affected to our advanced Twitter report. Tweet Binder is still working as usual. Instead, we are launching a new version which includes new functions that give the users a very complete information. We have introduced a new design and a new variety of metrics, for example the economic market value of the hashtag. Faster, much more complete and easier to use. This changes don’t affect to its usability. Tweet Binder still does advanced reports. This new version gives us different types of metrics. Once you enter the platform it is very easy to use. After logging in we have to introduce the term or keyword that we want to analyze. Then we will get different types of Twitter reports. On the one hand we get an infographic report which presents the information in a very simple and intuitive way. It uses graphics to summarize the main information. On the other hand, if we are PRO users or we have bought a report, we get the advanced version. From now on, in this post, we’re going to talk about our new advanced Twitter reports.

Advanced Twitter reports: New metrics 

This advanced reports have always been the ones that give the highest amount of information. What we firstly find are several numbers. The biggest one shows the total number of tweets that our analyzed term has. This number includes original tweets and retweets. By its side we can find out what type of tweets compose this number: text tweets, replies, retweets an images or links.

New advanced reports' statistics
General statistics about our hashtag found in the new advanced reports.

Under this first part we will find more interesting figures. We can see our term’s potential impact and reach. We will also see the total number of contributors, the average of tweets per contributor or the average of followers per contributor. In this part of the report we have added three new metrics that give us very useful information. Thanks to that main figure we know the total number of tweets our term has but, how many of the were original tweets? How many of the contributors were original ones? And, knowing the answer to both questions, what is the average of original tweets per original contributor? This new metrics provide us the answers.

Isn’t there any other development?

Of course there is! A part from the things we have already mentioned we can get new users rankings. As always, we can find rankings that show us who were the most active users, those who have retweeted the most, those who have sent the biggest amount of original tweets, the most popular ones, the users who have got the highest impact and those who have published more images. Although our new reports include all this information, they also show three more rankings. Thanks to them we can see which certified users have shared content, who has got the highest number of replies and who has been the one that has replied to more tweets.

New metrics in our advanced reports.
Some new metrics that can be found in our advanced reports.

This reports also show a gallery where we can find all the images and eight metrics where we will be able to see the most mentioned users, the most retweeted ones, the average of tweets per contributor, the average influence per contributor, a ranking of the 10 most used languages, a ranking of the 10 most used sources and a list of the 10 related hashtags.

But… That’s it? No, discover the economic market value of the hashtag

Okay, there’s something else. On the first image there’s a number that may have caught your attention. This number says something about the “economic market value of the hashtag“. What is this? It makes reference to the amount of money we would have had to spend in order to get all the impacts and reach our hashtag has got naturally. 

Economic value of a hashtag in an advanced report.
Some of the metrics about the economic value of a hashtag found in our advanced reports.

There’s no doubt that this economic market value is extremely helpful. Thanks to this number we can find, for example, those users who are providing our brand the most valuable content. If you want to go deeper and know more about the economic value os a hashtag be aware of our blog. There are some posts where we explain how we calculate the economic value in general. There are other where we explain how we calculate the user’s value and the value of a tweet.

If you want t know more details about our metrics visit tweetbinder.com. Here you will find a more detailed explanation that will help you understand better you reports. If you don’t want to read it you have another option. You can find out how it works by creating your own advanced reports on Tweet Binder. 

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