Creating a Free Twitter analytics report

Using a Twitter analytics tool

Twitter analytics reports are an essential part of any marketing campaign or event. To measure the tweets our community send is a key part of any strategy we launch and it should be carried out professionally. In this post we will show how to create a Twitter analytics report using the FREE tool Tweet Binder. If you’re in a hurry and want to créate your report now just click on the next button.

I want to make my Twitter report now!

Twitter reports analyze anything contained in a tweet, it can be a:

  • Hashtag: #MakeNarniaGreatAgain
  • Keyword: Alabama
  • User account: @BarackObama
  • Link:

All those things can be inside a tweet and we can get analytics out of them. To get analytics for hashtags is the most common one. Hashtags are used in campaigns, events, TV Shows, etc. However it is good to know that we can get Twitter analytics out anything contained in a tweet.

Twitter stats for #AAC2017
#AAC2017 Twitter stats

Entering Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is a Twitter analytics tool that will give us FREE stats of any hashtag or term. It shows results of the last 7 days and up to 2000 tweets per search. We will have to go to the site: and log in using your Twitter account.

Why does Tweet Binder need access to my Twitter account? This is a mandatory request from Twitter actually, we need to access your account so we can ask Twitter for Tweets. Don’t worry Tweet Binder will never post tweets in your name and will never send you DMs asking for anything. It won’t forcé you to follow anyone either. It is just a formality.

Once we have logged in using our Twitter account we can start creating our first reports. Twitter analytics can be pretty addictive so use them wisely. To create our first Twitter analytics report just enter the term you want to analyze in the big search box at the home page and click “Create your report!”.

Hashtag and terms analytics
Home of Tweet Binder where we will create our report.

Types of Twitter analytics reports

The process of getting the stats can take up to one minute depending on the amount of tweets Tweet Binder finds. This Twitter analytics tool will give us up to 2000 for FREE of the last 7 days.
When the search is finished we will see the first report. This first report is called the infographic report and it shows the main stats of the term or hashtag we have analyzed. There are three types of reports:

  • Infographic report: it shows the main stats and rankings.
  • Advanced report: it shows deeper stats of the hashtag. In the PRO version of Tweet Binder it comes with even more analytics and rankings.
  • Excel report: only available in the PRO version

These reports are very important part of any campaign we run on Twitter. That’s why we need to study them carefully so we can obtain valuable conclusions. In other post of Tweet Binder we explain how to read all these Twitter stats, now that we know how to create a Twitter analytics report we have to learn how to take advantage of these stats.

Tweet Binder Twitter Analysis for #StrangerThursdays
#StrangerThursdays Twitter Analysis