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#Covid 19 – Twitter evolution

How many tweets about Covid-19 and Coronavirus? 628M tweets so far.

One of the saddest things we have ever had to do is to analyze the evolution of the new Coronavirus Covid 19 on Twitter. We at Tweet Binder have run several Twitter analysis about it and we intend to liberate all the Twitter datasets about Coronavirus and Covid19 that we possible can create. We have analyzed day by day the evolution of several words: #covid19 OR #coronavirus OR coronavirus OR #covidー19. However, we don’t want to share any opinion on the data, that’s your job.

Access the Google Sheet dataset

628,809,016 tweets so far (Updated May 8th 2020)

We will update the data every week and we will provide as much information as we can. If you are a journalist you can use this freely by mentioning Tweet Binder as a source. If you need the raw data (the tweets), please contact us because that cannot be offered for free. Coronavirus on Twitter is also full of fake news, please stay sharp.

Most important tweets about Coronavirus or Covid19

Since a lot of people are tweeting about Coronavirus, we have run a search with all the tweets that got 1000 RTs at least. We consider those “important”, that doesn’t mean obviously that they are the most important tweets of the Coronavirus issue. There are more than 40,000 tweets about Covid19 who got at least 1,000 RTs in a tweet.

Access the most important tweets

These are the tweets with the highest number of RTs so far (we do not update this list everyday but we are close):

Who is tweeting about #Covid19

Here are a few rankings of users tweeting about #Covid19 who got a least 1,000 RTs for their tweets. This data can be downloaded as well.

Access Web Report

The most popular Twitter users (based on the number of followers)

These are the most popular users who have tweeted about the coronavirus situation:

User Name Followers Location
@BarackObama Barack Obama 114.109.939 Washington, DC
@realDonaldTrump Donald J. Trump 74.235.802 Washington, DC
@cnnbrk CNN Breaking News 56.815.026 Everywhere
@narendramodi Narendra Modi 53.617.861 India
@BillGates Bill Gates 49.105.833 Seattle, WA
@CNN CNN 45.821.979 USA
@nytimes The New York Times 45.580.487 New York City
@BBCBreaking BBC Breaking News 41.981.524 London, UK
@NiallOfficial Niall Horan 39.469.616 Mullingar,Westmeath,Ireland
@SportsCenter SportsCenter 36.356.140 USA
@NASA NASA 35.758.385 USA
@espn ESPN 35.130.322 USA
@imVkohli Virat Kohli 34.044.867 India
@elonmusk Elon Musk 32.377.311 USA
@NBA NBA 30.242.570 USA
@ConanOBrien Conan O’Brien 28.601.626 Los Angeles
@BBCWorld BBC News (World) 27.159.913 London, UK
@HillaryClinton Hillary Clinton 26.972.407 New York, NY
@Google Google 21.869.816 Mountain View, CA
@Reuters Reuters 21.419.279 Around the world
@WhiteHouse The White House 20.612.835 Washington, D.C.

The most retweeted users

This ranking is based on the number of RTs received in all their tweets about #Covid19 with at least 1,000 RTs. These are the users who received more retweets in their tweets.

@realDonaldTrump 965.938
@OH_mes2 666.441
@spectatorindex 619.282
@KKMPutrajaya 545.316
@tedlieu 486.116
@elonmusk 350.555
@WHO 305.479
@SethAbramson 298.224
@funder 297.570
@briantylercohen 265.325

Most active users

The most active users tweeting (not retweeting) about Coronavirus. These are the uses who have sent the highest number of original tweets. Remember, we are not counting retweets here.

User Name Total tweets
@spectatorindex The Spectator Index 190
@KKMPutrajaya KKMPutrajaya 97
@OH_mes2 mes #TeamPinky 96
@tedlieu Ted Lieu 94
@DrDenaGrayson Dr. Dena Grayson 65
@WHO World Health Organization (WHO) 61
@funder Scott Dworkin 60
@BNODesk BNO Newsroom 53
@WhiteHouse The White House 47
@realDonaldTrump Donald J. Trump 41
@CoronaVid19 Coronavirus 41
@Alvisepf Alvise Pérez 41
@el_pais EL PAÍS 36
@PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson 34
@kylegriffin1 Kyle Griffin 34
@nytimes The New York Times 33
@TrumpWarRoom Trump War Room – Text SHAMROCK to 88022 33
@SenSchumer Chuck Schumer 32
@atrupar Aaron Rupar 30
@AlertaNews24 Alerta News 24 30
@SethAbramson Seth Abramson (@?) 29
@eugenegu Eugene Gu, MD 29
@BBCBreaking BBC Breaking News 27

All the tweets by @who

The World Health Organization has been actively tweeting information these past months. Here you will find a dataset with all their tweets since the 1st of January 2020:

Access data Set

They have sent 1,767 tweets since the 1st of Jan until today (April 8). Last year, in the same dates, they sent only 615.

Evolution of the Coronavirus on Twitter in 2020
This is how people are tweeting about Covid 19 on Twitter

This is the tweet with the highest number of retweets:

We are going to try to keep this post as up-to-date as possible. This is a serious situation that requires the collaboration of all of us. So, remember: #StayAtHome, #WashYourHands and #BeSafe.