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1 Is Tweet Binder Twitter compliant?

Twitter has very clear guidelines on how to download data (tweets). Tweet Binder is 100% Twitter compliant and always respects the rules issued by Twitter for this type of case. If you want to download tweets, the best thing is to contact Twitter directly. With Tweet Binder you will be able to download all the statistics and metrics that we generate and, in some cases, data that comes from Twitter, but only in some cases. These are:

  • You can download 1,5M tweet ids per month from Tweet Binder’s API along with the stats that generate. You will need to get a Twitter pro subscription and rehydrate those tweet ids in order to get the text, user, etc.
  • You can download 50,000 tweets per day manually from Tweet Binder. You have to do this process manually, that is the maximum requirement. You can click on “download” in Tweet Binder to get those 50,000 tweets from your report. But you will never be able to get more than that.

Basically, if you want to download a large amount of Twitter data, contact Twitter directly.

2 How are impressions and reach calculated in Tweet Binder?

Impressions (the impact) stands for the potential number of times somebody could have seen the hashtag. Where as the reach stands for the potential number of users that could have seen the hashtag.

The impact is calculated by multiplying the tweets a user has sent by the number of followers they have. The reach is calculated by adding the number of followers every account in the report has.

3 What Twitter stats are included in a Twitter report?

Tweet Binder reports include a wide range of stats. From the total number of tweets sent with your analyze hashtag or keyword to the typification of those tweets. Tweets can be classified in tweets text, replies, link&pictures and retweets.

Tweet Binder has developed its own metric called the economic value. This will tell you how much money you should have had to spend in order to get that number of tweets with those number of impressions.

In addition, Tweet Binder also offer Twitter sentiment analytics. Which is great to know how positive or negative your report has been.

4 How do I analyze Twitter with Tweet Binder?

Creating reports with our Twitter tracking tool is very simple. Just go to our home page and you will get a free report of up to 500 tweets form the last 7 days. You can add any term, hashtag or keyword you need to track.

In addition, we also have PRO reports: 7-day report (up to 10,000 tweets from the last 7 days), 30-day reports (up to 35,000 tweets from the last 30 days), historical reports (it can go as back in time as needed) and real time reports (up to 35,000 tweets during 30 days).

5 How to analyze Twitter trending topics with Tweet Binder?

The best way to analyze a trending topic is by setting a real time Twitter report. If you are launching a campaign which you are sure is going to have huge repercussion, a real time report will collect all the tweets the moment they are sent. If you need to analyze a term that has been or that is being trending topic, you will need a Twitter historical report to analyze those tweets.

6 Can I analyze Twitter hashtags with Tweet Binder?

Of course! Tweet Binder is the perfect Twitter tool to monitor hashtags. After making the log in on the main page, the user should only include his hashtag in the search box. After a few seconds, you will get two complete hashtag reports. On the one hand, a basic one with the main data. On the other hand, another advanced with more complete analytics. Anything that is in Twitter can be analyzed with Tweet Binder.

7 Can I analyze the Twitter mentions to an account with Tweet Binder?

Tweet Binder reports also allows you to analyze mentions to an account. This will help you to get to know the ambassadors or prescriptors of your brand.

Imagine the potential that this information can provide for your business.  Finally, you can also have the top influencers in order to complete your information and make decisions in the most appropriate way.

8 Why are the stats in my report not updating?

If you have created a FREE Twitter report with Tweet Binder, the results you get are in the past. Meaning that the seek is done for tweets that have already being sent. These reports give up to 500 tweets from the last 7 days.

In order for your report to update stats in real time, you need to purchase a real time report. With this PRO report you can constantly check the stats of our hashtag or campaign. This is a perfect choice to follow trends, campaigns or events.

9 Capturing tweets in real time with Tweet Binder

There are two ways of capturing tweets with Tweet Binder:

You can grab up to 30 days old tweets using the 30-day reports or you can capture tweets in real time as they are published using a live campaign.

If you own a PRO plan, you can activate a live tracker by clicking the dropdown menu and choosing the last option “Live report”. If you don’t have a PRO plan, you can purchase your live Twitter campaign from here.

10 How can I access old tweets with Tweet Binder?

The social listening platform Tweet Binder allows you to analyze old tweets easily. Actually, thanks to the Twitter advanced search commands any tweets can be found and analyzed. The Historical Twitter reports offered by Tweet Binder are the best option to analyze and obtain data from the past. These reports can be found on the home page section dedicated to the reports.

11 What the hell is a binder?

One of the most powerful features of our tracking tool are the binders. We use them to tag tweets based in their content so you can compare statistics between these categories, show the content of a particular binder in a tweet wall, curate the content inside a widget in your website and many other great stuff.
You can create binders inside the “Classify” section. Select “New Binder”, assign a name to the binder and add the terms, hashtags or plain text you want to be included inside this binder.Once you create the Binder, all the tweets containing the defined terms will automatically be tagged with the name of that Binder. If you are capturing tweets in real time, all new tweets containing the defined terms will be tagged automatically as well.
Below the New Binder button, you can see the “Suggested binders”. These are the most repeated terms in you collection or, in other words, the trending topics of your collection. You can select one and generate a binder with just one click.

12 What is the economic value I see in my Tweet Binder report?

The economic value represents the amount of money you should have invested in the market in order to have the tweets and impressions your report has. To get to the hashtag economic value, first we need to analyze each one of the users in the report. Several factors are taken into account such as the number of followers, following or if it is a verified account or not. This is a metric that can help you to have a better understanding of how you campaign has evolved on Twitter. You can even compare it with the real economic inversion you have done for your campaign. If you want to know more, in our blog you will find several posts about this metric.

13 Is it possible to analyze Twitter accounts with Tweet Binder?

Tweet Binder allows you to analyze everything that is shared on Twitter. What’s more, it is also a perfect monitoring tool to analyze Twitter handles. The way to get the result of a Twitter account is by searching for it on the search box. In fact, we can analyze the mentions that an account receives and also the tweets that an account sends. Therefore, the options that Tweet Binder offers to analyze Twitter accounts are really complete.

14 How to get Twitter followers with Tweet Binder?

Thanks to Tweet Binder you can get to know your followers better. This will allow you to interact with them in a more appropriate way, adapting their publications to the interests of your followers.

Thanks to the statistics and data Tweet Binder reports provide, you can optimize your publications getting a greater number of followers on Twitter. In addition, you can discover the most active Twitter followers, the most retweeted or the most original.

With Tweet Binder’s Twitter reports, you can also get to know the users who post the highest number of photos, the most popular ones and those who have the greatest impact. You can also find out the certified users that have participates and those who generate a higher number of conversations.

15 How can I restore my balance of tweets?

The tweet balance inside a Tweet Binder plan is restored automatically when the plan is renewed. For example, if you purchased your plan on the 13th, your tweets and reports balance will be renewed on the 13th of the next month.

16 Is my reports balance restored when I delete a report?

When you delete a report, it does not add to your balance again. Once the report is created and teh tweets have been used, you can not give it back.

17 How to analyze Twitter with Tweet Binder

Twitter Binder Twitter analytics reports are created very easily. You just need to go to the home page and type the term, hashtag or keyword you need to track. We have a wide range of Twitter impact reports: free report (it gives up to 200 tweets from the last 7 days), historical reports (it can go as back in time as needed) and real time reports.

18 The tweets that have not been used pass to the next month's balance?

The balance of tweets is restored when a plan is renewed. So, if you do not use all your tweets from a month, they do not pass onto the next month’s balance.

19 How can I contact with my Tweet Binder agent?

If you do not have his/her direct e-mail, you can contact the support team by sending an email to support (@) with your request.

20 If my Twitter account changes, can I change my plan's account in Tweet Binder?

Yes, just contact your Tweet Binder agent and they will switch your plan’s associated Twitter account.

21 How can I get a Twitter historical report?

This report allows to monitor any tweet from the past from any time back. In order to get old tweets you need to: first purchase it and second, you need to include the search terms and the date range you want to analyze. After finalizing the process, you just have to wait for tweets to enter the report. Once the report has finished you will see it in your dashboard.

22 Can I analyze different accounts or campaigns from different clients with my subscription?

Yes, if that is something you need. The Tweet Binder plans is associated to a Twitter account. That account gets assigned the plan and with it the owner of the account can use the tweets and report as needed. It is not needed to just analyze that account, you can analyze your clients and competitors as well.

23 How long can the Twitter real time report be active?

The live report can be active up to one month. It has 35,000 tweets to analyze the given period of time. However, if a longer period of time is needed it can be extended by purchasing another Twitter real time report.

24 Which Twitter or Instagram content am I able to insert in my website?

Tweet Binder has complete access to social media data. You have the power to decide what you want to show. You can opt for showing just pictures or only statistics. Thanks to our technology we can insert any publication or data requested and, separately, we can provide complete data.

25 Do I have to be at the venue of the event if I want to moderate the Social Wall content?

No, the content curation of the Social Wall can be done remotely. In fact, it can be performed from different computers or mobile devices. From anywhere. It is an easy and agile system to use.

26 Can I export my report to PDF?

Yes, PDF exportation is a PRO feature. If you are an owner of a Tweet Binder plan or you have purchased a report, you can export your stats.
Exporting Twitter data to PDF is very simple. You just need to go to the report and click in the PDF icon in the upper right corner.

27 Does Tweet Binder give Twitter sentiment analytics?

Yes, this is also a PRO feature. In the reports dashboard you can find a tab named Sentiment. There you will see the sentiment score of the report.
In order to calculate how positive or negative your report is Tweet Binder takes in consideration the impacts generated by each user. So, it is more negative to have a user of 1,000,000 followers speaking bad about your event than having 10 users of 100 followers saying bad things about your event.

28 What happens if I run out of tweets?

First, you don’t have to worry. If your report or plan runs out of tweets you can always purchase extra tweets. Just contact the Tweet Binder support team and they will help you. Their email is

29 How can I create a Social Media wall?

Social Media walls are created by the Tweet Binder team. The best thing about this service is that you don’t have to worry about anything. Just send the image of your event and the size of the screen where the wall will be displayed and the Tweet Binder team will take care of the rest.

30 How can I create a FREE Twitter report?

Just go to our homepage and type the hashtag, term, account or keyword that you need to track. The free report will give you up to 500 tweets from the last 7 days.

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