How Social Walls help you gain exposure

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Event walls are a must to improve the experience

The advance of technology increases the importance of having to be one step ahead to those progresses. There are several ways to do so. If you are throwing an event, it is an obvious remark that you should analyze everything being posted on social networks around that event. But you can even go further and install a Social Media Wall where all those posts can be displayed. A tweetwall or an Instagram wall are a must at any event.

Why is it so important to install a Social Wall?

People love to see that their voices are being heard, that their opinion counts. It doesn’t matter if the assistants to your events are not very active on Twitter or Instagram. When they see that they can make it to the big screen with just sending a simple tweet, they will start posting. As a result of this, not only people will be happier with your event but they will also help you gaining huge exposure.

At Tweet Binder, we have lots of cases where the client contact us saying that they are worried because the assistants to their events are not very “techy”, that they don’t usually use Social Networks or that they don’t even have Twitter. Those clients have found the answer to this type of problems with our Social Media Wall. That is the proof that participants are more proactive and engaged at an event when they know that they are being heard. But giving voice to everyone does not mean that anyone can make it to the big screen. You can always mute “trolls” and people posting inappropriate content in order to avoid that kind of posts in the social wall. Moderation is a feature you can always add to our Social Walls.


So, whether if you have an active audience or not. Let them know that they are going to get notice! Let them know that you value their opinion so much as to display it on a big screen! Now you know that you don’t have to be worried about the assistants to your event and their participation. Maybe you don’t even have to be worried about your events’ publicity at all. If assistants are happy and proactive they will make your event gain exposure.

After reading this, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and we will be more than happy to talk with you about this and see which Social Wall fits better your needs.