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Try our Twitter and Instagram Walls for events

  • Display Twitter and Instagram content on any screen
  • Get an impact report for every event
  • Check the real time stats of your event
  • Decide and choose the content that appears on screen
  • Customize the appearance of your Social Wall
  • Quick development and easy implementation

Tweet Binder Events

Social Media Walls

Turn your audience and followers into an essential part of your event with our Twitter & Instagram Walls

Our Social Walls help you to gain impact and exposure not only at the venue but also on Social Networks. These Social Walls display Twitter and Instagram content and can be fully moderated and customized.

Twitter & Instagram reports

Analyze the impact and reach of your event

Our Twitter and Instagram reports offer complete stats, users rankings and the most relevant posts. You can easily check your event’s content or go deeper with its Excel file exportation.

Tweet Binder Twitter & Instagram reports

Twitter report

Tweet Binder Twitter & Instagram reports

Instagram report

Real time tracking

Track and check social content in real time

Review your event’s real time stats through the analytic report or look for them on the big screen. These stats are automatically updated. Decide which rules you want to track and the posts you want to display.

Content curation

Control the content that is being displayed

Thanks to our moderation panel, you will have absolute control on what tweets and pics appear on the Social Media Wall. You will easily manage the posts that you want to either highlight or avoid. You can always re-moderate the content.

Tweet Binder Content curation

Control the displayed content

Tweet Binder Content curation

Moderation panel

Customized design

Unify the look of your event and Social Media Wall

There are no limits when speaking about design. Our Social Media Walls are developed to fit any type of screen and event. Content is displayed on an innovative way that will amaze your audience.

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