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When working at a Marketing or Digital agency, it is important to have a Social Media Analytics tool by your side. Tweet Binder offers different plans and one-time reports to help you with you Twitter or Instagram analytics. Plans can be purchased per month or per year. They offer Twitter real time analytics, Twitter historical data and Instagram historical data. Finding the perfect Social Media Analytics tool can be a tough mission.

Agencies need to have a monthly or annual plan in order to keep track of everything being said about their clients. With the Tweet Binder plans they will be able to analyze anything in Twitter and any Instagram hashtag. Plans are not the only thing our Social Media Analytics tool provides. For those who don’t need to subscribe to a plan, one-time reports are also available. Twitter impact reports and Instagram analytics reports can be purchased from our web.

Our Social Media Analytics tool is very intuitive and easy-to-use. Feel free to try it and ask us as many questions as you may have. Tweet Binder’s doors are open 24/7 for you!