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Twitter Historical Reports

Twitter Historical

  • No time limitation
  • Up to 140,000 tweets/report
  • Excel exportation


Twitter 30-day Reports

Twitter 30-day

  • Last 30 days
  • Up to 35,000 tweets/report
  • Excel exportation


Twitter Real Time Reports

Twitter Real Time

  • Real time tracking
  • Up to 35,000 tweets/month
  • Excel exportation


Instagram Hashtag Reports

Instagram Hashtag

  • Hashtag Analysis
  • Historical data
  • Excel exportation


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Analyze all you Twitter hashtags with Tweet Binder

With Tweet Binder, any user can run Twitter searches for free. These reports can be for Twitter hashtags, Twitter accounts or any keyword or term that is needed to search. In addition, this Social Media tracking tool also provides Instagram hashtag reports.

Tweet Binder Reports

In order to run a Twitter hashtag search on Tweet Binder, the user just needs to login with their Twitter account. Do not worry as they will not access to any of your personal data or post content in your behalf. This is just a mandatory Twitter step.

Twitter hashtag searches with Tweet Binder

With this Social Media tracking tool a user can get Twitter stats on any hashtag, term or keyword needed. Tweet Binder offers a wide range of Twitter analytics reports.

Tweet Binder’s Twitter reports can be on real time or can analyze historical tweets. Each report has a basic version, an advanced version and an Excel and PDF exportation. All the stats shown in the web report are later exported to offline documents. This way, the Twitter analytics reports are available at any moment. The reports that can be created are:

  • Twitter 7-day report: which gives up to 10,000 tweets from the last 7 days
  • Twitter 30-day report: which gives up to 35,000 tweets from the last 30 days
  • Twitter historical report: analyzes Twitter with no date limitation
  • Twitter real time report: analyzes anything on Twitter in real time
  • Instagram hashtag report

After reading the aforementioned reports, the user will see that running a Twitter hashtag search with Tweet Binder offers a wide range of possibilities. There is no need for the user to worry because if they forgot to analyze something they can always run a historical report and if something is needed in real time, the streaming can be automatically activated.

If more than one report is needed, a Pro plan can be purchased or a package of reports. With a monthly or annual plan a user will be able to create several reports within his subscription. If none of those plans fit their needs, customized plans can be created under demand.

Twitter stats in the Tweet Binder reports

Tweet Binder’s Twitter analytics reports give back a lot of useful stats on any Twitter hashtag or term. The user will come across a very complete report that will help them to get insights on how the hashtag and users have behaved on Twitter.

Before running a Twitter hashtag search with Tweet Binder, it is very important to know, if not all, at least the most relevant stats that come with the report. The first thing the user sees is the total number of tweets next to the typification of tweets. Thanks to this classification the users is able to know how many original tweets, retweets, links/pics and replies have been shared with the analyzed term. Scrolling down, the user will find more than eight user rankings that will help to know the audience and detect influencers. Along with these rankings, there are also rankings that reflect the most used hashtags, the top languages and the top sources from where users have tweeted.

All these stats have just one aim: help the user to know how his term has been used on Twitter. By running a search for a Twitter hashtag, a world of endless possibilities is opened as tons of decisions can be made after looking at the stats.

But not everything ends with a report, lots of things can be created with the results in a report. For example, with a real time Twitter search Social walls for events can be created as well as fully customized websites.

Social Walls

And don’t worry if you don’t understand a stat or you don’t find what you are looking for, our amazing support team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions you may have. Please, do not hesitate and contact them!