Twitter Analytics:
Create your own impact reports

Track hashtags, terms and accounts and get analytical reports for your campaigns

General stats

Get your Twitter hashtag analysis and obtain all your campaign’s data: impact, reach, user rankings and much more. Compare the results with other campaigns you may have in real time or that took place in the past.

User rankings

With our users rankings you will be able to easily detect the most active and popular accounts. You will also identify your brand ambassadors as well as the most mentioned and retweeted users. Evaluate your influencers activity.

Classify your tweets

Thanks to our exclusive technology, you will be able to sort your tweets by any criteria you need. The system will create binders based on the parameters you decide. These categories can include accounts, hashtags or anything relevant to your analysis.

Choose your Twitter analytics report

Do you need a single report for your campaign or event?

Live Twitter Campaign

Live report

Analyze your tweets in real time and see the stats whenever you need to

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Last month report

Last month report

Get your Twitter report with data from the last 30 days

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Historical report with no time limit

Historical report

Ask for data on any hashtag or keyword without limit of time or tweets

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This is how our Twitter analytics reports look like

Our reports have two versions: infographic and advanced. You will enjoy both as well as its Excel exportation. These reports will be available any time you need.

Twitter infographic report

Twitter infographic report

Twitter advanced report

Twitter advanced report

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