Frequently asked questions

1. Capturing tweets in real time with Tweet Binder

Capture tweets using real time trackers

Capturing tweets in real time with Tweet Binder

There are two ways to capture tweets in Tweet Binder:
You can grab up to 30 days old tweets using historical reports or you can capture tweets in real time as they are published using real time trackers.

To enable a tracker you need a pro plan like “live Twitter campaign”, “Event” or “Professional plan”.
Our professional plan, for example, includes up to 100.000 tweets per month that you can use to capture up to 100.000 tweets in real time or historical search. Feel free tocontact usif you need more information.

2. What the hell is a binder?

Create binders and tag your tweets

What the hell is a binder?

One of the most powerful features from this tool are binders. We use them to tag tweets based in their content so you can compare statistics between these binders, show the content of a particular binder in a tweet wall, curate the content inside a widget in your website, and many other great stuff.

You can create binders inside “Classify” section. Select “New Binder”, assign a name to the binder and add the terms, hashtags or plain text you want to be included inside this binder. You can also select an image for the binder so when you create a widget or a wall, this image will represent that Binder.

Once you create the Binder, all the tweets containing the defined terms will automatically be tagged with the name of that Binder. If you are capturing tweets in real time, all new tweets containing the defined terms will be tagged automatically too.

Below the New Binder button, you can see the “Suggested binders”. These are the most repeated terms in you collection or, in other words, the trending topics of your collection. You can select one and generate a binder with just one click. Let’s see an example with a tennis final between Nadal and Djokovic in the Monaco Open:

You can create a collection that captures tweets in real time that contain the official hashtag “#montecarloMasters”. Then create a binder for each player, one for Nadal with the terms “Rafa Nadal”, “@RafaelNadal”, “#vamosrafa” and one for Djokovic with the terms “Novak Djokovic”, “@DjokerNole”, “Nole”. Tweets will automatically go corresponding binder as they are captured. Obviously you can manually classify tweets or update the terms for each binder at any moment.

Now you could create a “Hashtag/User war” widget to publish in your site that will show the evolution of the players live in twitter. You could also compare the stats between binders in “Binder details” table inside “Statistics”.

3. Why do I have to authorize Tweet Binder to access my Twitter account?

Why do I have to authorize Tweet Binder to access my Twitter account?

We need to access your Twitter account so we can make requests to Twitter API in your behalf. It is mandatory for us to ask you for access, it is not something that we like but something we must do. We use this to get the tweets matching your request and build the analytics for you.

We will never post any tweet or make any modification to your account without you explicit approval. We do not do "not good" stuff, we do not force you to follow us, we do not tweet in your behalf, we do not send you DMs... we just want you to enjoy.