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Here you will learn about our events suite and how to create your own Social Media Walls

1 What is a Social Wall?

A Social Wall is used to display social content at events. They can be displayed on any screen and their design can be fully customized.

2 How can I request a Social wall?

Just by contacting our team with your event details. They will need to know the type of screen you are going to use and the period of time you will be using it.

3 Can I customize my Social Wall?

Yes, you can customize its size and its design. You can also decide which content gets to be displayed thanks to our content curation system.

4 Can I choose the content that will be displayed?

Yes, each wall comes with a moderation system from where you can decide the content that gets to be displayed on screen. You can approve certain tweets or certain users. You can also approve or reject in advance certain words or phrases.

5 Can I display custom messages on the Social Wall during the event?

Yes, there is an option for the Social Wall Admin to display any message that they need to. Coffee break information or wifi password, for example

6 Does it accept content which is not from Twitter nor Instagram?

Yes, Tweet Binder walls have an option for event attendees to share content without the need to have a Twitter or Instagram account. It is called twapp and you just need to share a link with them so that they can post the content. Of course, this content can also be moderated.

7 Can I ban specific users from the wall?

Yes, you can ban or approve all the tweets from certain users.

8 Can I ban certain words from the wall?

Yes, you can ban or approve certain words from the Social Wall.

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