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API Access

Here you will find information about the Twitter API access we provide

1 Can I have access to Tweet Binder’s Twitter API?

Yes, with the API plan you can have access to Tweet Binder’s Twitter API.

2 Can I decide which reports I want to create from the API?

Yes, API plans are customizable. Meaning that each client decides the type of reports they want to include in their plan.

3 Can the reports be exported from the API?

Yes, the API has an option to export the reports and tweets. They can be exported to JSON, XLSX and CSV.

4 How do API plans work?

We provide a sample API for you to run some tests. If these tests meet your requirements, we will give you full access to the API.

5 Do I have technical support to set the API?

Yes, the Tweet Binder Team is available to guide you through the installation process.

6 Do I need specific knowledge about APIs to get this plan?

No, it is quite easy and we are always available to help.

7 Can I purchase more than one API plan for different clients?

Yes, you can buy one API plan for each one of your clients.

8 Can I cancel this plan at any moment?

Yes, they work as a regular plan. At any moment you can cancel it. If it has already been renewed you won’t be charged next month.

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