6 reasons why you should use Tweet Binder Analytics

Why you should use Tweet Binder?

Tweet Binder is a complete hashtag tracking tool that allows to get complete and competitive analytics. There is a free version that let you analyze up to two thousand tweets and creates two different reports: one infographic and another one advanced. Those reports are also included on the PRO plans but with more complete insights. Hashtag tracking is key to get to know the success of a campaign or an event, check here why should you trust on Tweet Binder.

1 – Complete stats in just one click Tweet Binder can track any term, hashtag or account offering the most complete data in order to provide more info about users and terms. Our reports include general stats, timeline and language info and amazing PRO rankings such as most used hashtags, most retweeted users and most mentioned users.

General stats

2 – Knowing your audience Do you want to know who is your best supporters you need to discover the most popular users? Tweet Binder can help you. Thanks to our Pro version, you can analyze until 10 different rankings about your audience.


3 – Classify your info
You don’t need to worry because Tweet Binder offers the opportunity to classify all your tweets easily in binders.

Classify info

4 – Tracking on real time You will be able to collect tweets and data on real time. Our Live campaigns will allow you to be updated immediately about your campaign and will let you make quicker decisions according to its evolution.


5 – Back up all the stats in one doc
Download all the extended data from your campaign in an Excel document that you can modify.

6 – Attractive and amazing design: Tweet Binder offers the most attractive design in its Infographic report. It includes the main campaign’s statistics, rankings and pics displayed in a very lovely way.

Infographic reports
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