1 min readWhy do big agencies choose us?

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Tweet Binder is being used since the beginning for many big agencies and companies. All of them start as free users but once they try the professional services, they continue with us.

And, why is that? These are the things they value most about Tweet Binder:

Great tool: They received what they need, not complex information, not irrelevant data.

Nice design: When you think of a analytical report, you think of something dense, difficult to understand. We have proposed change that.

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– Email support and customer service, almost 24 hours, 365 days.

Fast&Easy: to set up and analysis on Tweet Binder will stole 2 minute from your time, may 3 if is a live campaign.

– We go beyond: iframes, Twitter Wall, infographic reports. Any request is served.

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That’s what they think, what I think is that hard work and user care are what really matters. Anyone is encouraged to test us?