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Fashion on Social Media

Fashion lovers are one of the most active groups on Social Media. Not only they like to follow the top magazines but also the models that wear their favorite designs. Social Networks have become the perfect channel to talk about the latest trends and express opinions about them. Instagram is the place where people show their designs and outfits. Everything here is about the image and how it looks. On the other hand, Twitter is the place where, while posting pictures, users express their opinions on clothing, fabrics or fashion events. One of the main events these days is the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. It is known for being one of the most espectacular performances in the industry as well as for having the top models of the moment on its runway.

Victoria Secret Fashion Show

This runway is one of the most claimed by the industry not only because its astonishing designs but also because of the performance they create. This is an unusual fashion show as most of them just want to show their designs. At Victoria Secret it is all about the show, about throwing a party that no one could ever forget. Of course they want to show their designs on the runway, but they also want to put up a show. Each year they invite guests from the music industry to perform live during the show. They have had artists such as Taylor Swift, The Weekend, Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Ellie Goulding. This year they have invited Harry Styles, Miguel, Leslie Odom Jr. and Jane Zhang.

As it could not be any other way, we have analyzed the repercussion this show has had on Twitter. To analyze it we activated a real time analysis in order to collect every tweet mentioning the show. Let’s analyze these stats.

#VSFashionShow #VSFS2017

Twitter Stats for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2017
Twitter Stats #VSFashionShow #VSFS2017 | Nov 20, 2017 – Nov 22, 2017

In order to have a much more complete analysis we tracked tweets mentioning either for these hashtags: #VSFashionShow or #VSFS2017. There were other hashtags used during the show but we wanted to focus on those two. As it is expected in a show like this, there are more retweets than original content (text tweets, replies and links & pics). These are the general stats for this year’s fashion show:

Total Tweets176,544
Text tweets3,549*
Links & Pics9,758*
Potential impacts1,780,103,033
Potential Reach304,739,041

*Notice here the tweets classification. Tweets are only counted once in the total tweets but later they can fit more than one class. Meaning that a tweet can be a reply if it is a conversation between users but it can also be consider as a pic if it contains an image. The important thing here is that tweets are never counted twice, they are counted once and classified later.

Most mentioned accounts

Besides giving data about the most mentioned users, the most popular or the highest impact users, Twitter Binder provides additional rankings. These can help the user having a much better idea of how Twitter has behaved when tweeting with that hashtag. As we have said, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is known for having the top models and music artists of the industry. That is why the ranking of most mentioned users can be interesting here, to know which one of the models has attract more attention.

Twitter UserMentions

Tweet Binder for big and small events

At Tweet Binder we love analyzing anything on Twitter. This is an example of a big worldwide known event. But, if you have a smaller or even a bigger one, do not hesitate and contact us. We have tons of features for events that go beyond the simple Twitter analytics.

Victoria Secret Fashion Show Twitter Report