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@OT_Oficial: Who is favorite on Twitter?

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Analyze Twitter accounts: Contestants of a TV Show

The users’ opinion regarding the #OT18Gala2 was unanimous. The last music show did not seduce neither fans nor the audience. Of course, this opinion was echoed on Twitter. Sound errors, little convincing performances, songs selection… Regardless of these accidents, one more week, the TV Show broke all the records on Twitter. At Tweet Binder we are fans of OT and music events. Last year we showed our love during the Amaia Romero concert in Pamplona, but this year we also have the user analytics tool that allows us to know the evolution of the contestants on Twitter and the statistics of users on Twitter. Do you want to know who is the TOP #1 contestant on Twitter? Keep reading this post.

User analytics tool powered by Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder has developed a user analytics tool that lets you know the statistics of users on Twitter at a glance. Moreover, we can discover the evolution of these accounts in relation to different periods of time and in comparison with the rest of users. It seems difficult but it’s really simple. In our users panel, we have included all the contestants of this edition and their Twitter accounts. Since last Wednesday, we have collected the statistics of users to create a ranking. They are ordered according to their overall score. we consider different variables of the accounts to calculate this score (followers, tweets sent, followed, mentions…).

We have the following statistics for each user:

  • Global Score: Global account value that takes into account all the statistics listed below
  • Followers: number of users following the account
  • Tweets: number of tweets sent by the account
  • Followed: sum of the accounts followed by the contestant
  • Ratio: ratio of followers/followed
  • RTs: volume of RTs sent
  • Likes: number of likes that the account has sent
  • Mentions: number of mentions received
  • Lists: lists in which the account is included
  • Economic value of the market: it is the economic value of a tweet sent by that account according to the market variables
  • Economic engagement value: economic value of a tweet sent by that account according to the user engagement

The contestants, one by one

After a week of analysis, we have enough data to assess the behavior of each of the accounts. There is no doubt, Natalia was the favorite at the show this week and we can say that she is also the favorite on Twitter this week. From the point of view of our Twitter user analysis Tool. Since September 28th, the account has increased in number of followers (more than 2,000). It has also increased its economic market value and Engagement value. The rest of the variables but the number of lists have remained the same.

Statistics of users on Twitter this week

Considering the information, Natalia is the contestant with the best overall score. Why? First of all, because she is the one with the highest amount of followers. Although we have said that we consider several factors, it is true that the number of the followers is quite determinant. All contestants maintain the same numbers: tweets sent (1 introducing themselves) and followed accounts (17). For that reason, Natalia also has the highest ratio of followers/followed, the greater economic market value of their tweets and greater value of engagement.

These would be the statistics of users, one by one. Thanks to our tool, it is possible to detect growth and decrease within the period of time analyzed. In this case, all values have increased. On the other hand, it is also possible to order all users for their increment during the period of time. In that case, the ranking and timeline would change because Natalia, in the general computation, is not the one that has increased its overall score. It was Julia.

Discover our User analytics tool

Do you want to know the full ranking and continue the analysis? We will publish every Thursday an update of the data provided by our User analytics tool. Who knows. Perhaps the contestant with the highest value on Twitter will be the winner of this edition. If you have any questions or want to launch your own user analysis, do not hesitate to contact Us. The themes are endless: politics, sports, music, brands, television shows… Hey! Remember that you can also analyze the market and engagement economic value of any user with Twego.

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