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Twitter and Travel: #Bestintravel by Lonely Planet

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Travel and Social Networks are one

The connection between Twitter and travel marketing strategies are linked. In fact, Social networks pay a huge impact on the travel industry. That is undeniable. Who does not share holiday content? On the one hand, it seems that we have to share a picture or a tweet to enjoy our free time nowadays. We are having a good time but we decide to share it instead of really enjoy it. In fact, we are sometimes getting out of our minds.

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On the other hand, companies in the tourism industry are increasingly using social networks as a tool to connect with their users and followers. Twitter and travel hashtags are constantly being shared. It is the example of Lonely Planet and its campaign #Bestintravel. The historical data and the Twitter metrics powered by Tweet Binder allow us to discover the hashtag activity and the places you should visit in 2019.

#Bestintravel: This is where you should be traveling in 2019

Lonely Planet is a reference if we speak about trips and travel companies. Not only by its relevance and its influence but also for being one of the most successful brands in creating good content. Every year, they launch the Twitter campaign #bestintravel to know the best destinations for the following year. For example, they have discovered the top 10 countries, cities, regions and adventure destinations. If you are thinking about traveling next year, you should take a look.

  • TOP 10 Countries: Sri Lanka, Germany, Zimbabwe, Panama, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Indonesia, Belarus, São Tomé & Príncipe and Belize.
  • 10 Cities: Copenhagen, Shēnzhèn, Novi Sad, Miami, Kathmandu, Mexico City, Dakar, Seattle, Zadar and Meknès.
  • TOP 10 Regions: Piedmont, The Catskills, Northern Peru, The Red Centre, Scotland’s Highlands and islands, Russian Far East, Gujarat, Manitoba, Normandy and Elqui Valley.
  • 10 TOP BEST VALUE: Secrets of Egypt’s Southern Nile Valley, Łódź, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Maldives, Houston, Argentina, Bangladesh, Albania, Ecuador and Slovenia.

#Bestintravel: Twitter travel metrics

We can not stop at Tweet Binder. In this case, we have analyzed the campaign #Bestintravel. Also its Twitter metrics. Thanks to our historical data without time limitation, we can create the complete report from the 1st of January of 2018. In addition, the Twitter metrics show the activity evolution of the hashtag until the moment they published the destinies of 2019. Let’s discover the main stats, rankings and the market economic value of #Bestintravel.

General Stats

Total Tweets11,784
Text tweets70
Economic value$2,220,900

As you can see, we can analyze the general Twitter metrics really quick. Any Twitter travel data is measurable by Tweet Binder. To sum up, the hashtag’s activity has been crazy! If you want to analyze the complete stats you can ask us for the report. You will discover the user rankings too.

Most active users

@rachshredgnar183 tweets
@ukdealsonline176 tweets
@lonelyplanet174 tweets
@befootloose165 tweets
@1place4holidays146 tweets

Most popular users

@lonelyplanet6,331,160 followers
@lastampa1,013,917 followers
@periscopetv433,034 followers

Historical data powered by Tweet Binder

Our tool has something special. We have access to the historical data of Twitter without time limit. That is to say, we can analyze anything from the beginning of Twitter. In fact, in this case, we have created the report of #Bestintravel to know its Twitter metrics from this year.

Nevertheless, we could go further in time. Even, we could create a Twitter report every year and compare different editions. What do you think? Do you want to analyze an old campaign too? We will help you at Tweet Binder.

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