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@ladygaga is in town with the #JoanneWorldTour

Twitter stats & Music: It is a match!

It is unquestionable that Twitter can be a powerful tool to interact with the audience and potential new fans. By using the platform strategically we could build an incredible community of followers. One of the biggest fandoms on Twitter is the Little Monster group (@ladygaga’s squad). Lady Gaga literally kills the Social Networks. She has 69.5 million followers on Twitter, 25.2 million on Instagram. Moreover she has more than 60 million followers on her Facebook page. Lady Gaga started her tour last August 1st. She has played in 14 cities since then with a huge success. For that reason, we have launched the Twitter hashtag report of #JoanneWorldTour. Thanks to Tweet Binder, you can track hashtags on Twitter and get the most complete Twitter stats so… Let’s do this!

#JoanneWorldTour: The Twitter hashtag report

Tweet Binder allows you to track hashtags easily on Twitter. Thanks to our tool, you are going to be able to check the most important stats immediately. This time, we have created a Twitter report for #JoanneWorldTour starting the first of August. That day that Lady Gaga’s Tour started in Vancouver, Canada. The #JoanneWorldTour hashtag has been used 543,607 times since then. Although there are tweets everyday, the most important activity concurs at the beginning of the Tour. We can analyze the general Twitter stats really quickly. The hashtag performance has been extraordinary!

Stats powered by Tweet Binder
#JoanneWorldTour stats via Tweet Binder
Total Tweets543,607
Text tweets19,290

These are big numbers but, as we already know, the little monster family is a huge community. Moreover, the impact and reach of the hashtag reveal the importance of the users’ contribution. Tweet Binder’s reports display useful information about the users and its accounts.

Twitter stats: Rankings of users

The Twitter hashtag report shows up to 10 rankings of users but in that case, we will be focused on four of them:

– Most active users:Users who sent the most tweets (including RTs)
– Most original: Users who sent the most tweets (not including RTs). These are the users who generated the content
– Highest impact: Users who generated the most impacts. Check out here the difference between impact and reach
– Most popular: Users who the highest number of followers on Twitter

Most active and most original users

In this report, we can confirm that the most active users are related to fan clubs and accounts dedicated to Lady Gaga and her work. It is important to differentiate between the active and the original users. The original users are the ones who generated the content. The difference between the total number of tweets in both cases are surprising. Basically it is easier to make RT than create singular content.

Most active users

@LanaDelReyKid2,160 tweets
@MdxGaga1,950 tweets
@patpat83051,198 tweets
@pleum_gaga1,195 tweets
@ginakatyfan11,174 tweets

Most original users

@RDTCobertura557 tweets
@JoanneWorldTour453 tweets
@AmyGrimesSuxx373 tweets
@MonsterBlogNews364 tweets
@GagaMediaDotNet333 tweets

Most popular and highest impact users

A potential reach of 260,498,012 is a very big number, so many relevant accounts have tweeted with the hashtag. The official Lady Gaga account is the 1st in both rankings followed but some media accounts and huge fan clubs.

Most popular users

@ladygaga67,846,545 followers
@TwitterMusic12,191,645 followers
@tyleroakley5,901,822 followers
@billboard5,154,173 followers
@NRJhitmusiconly3,677,927 followers

Highest impact users

@ladygaga1,569,535,148 impacts
@gagamonster9689,452,445 impacts
@gagadaily46,849,940 impacts
@MisterBroRo37,973,140 impacts
@LabOfHookers19,403,532 impacts

As you have checked, the Twitter hashtag report displays the most useful information about any hashtag and its contributors. In the case that we have analyzed, the Twitter stats of #JoanneWorldTour has helped us to discover an incredible community of fans. Feel free to contact us if you want to track hashtags on Twitter (and Instagram).