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How to create your PRO report with Tweet Binder

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Analysis with no limitation

Welcome to Tweet Binder. If you need to analyze campaigns or events on Twitter, you are at the right place. Our tool is specialized in the creation of Twitter Impact reports that will give you all the information about any hashtag, term or account. We have been working for many years in order to offer the best analytics service on Twitter to our clients. Little by little, we are getting it. Our tool has no limits if we talk about the period of analysis. We can analyze anything from the first day of Twitter and keep it dateless in real time. With the aim of covering all your needs, we have different types of Twitter reports. The unlimited historical reports, the last 30 days reports and the real time collections. In addition, we provide reports of the last 7 days up to 10,000 tweets. If you have a plan with us, these reports are unlimited. If you need a point-in-time analysis, you can purchase them individually.

7-day Twitter Impact reports

As we have said, these reports are unlimited if you have a plan with us. The main thing is that they are ideal for quick analysis. Exportation to Excel is also included. 7-day Twitter Impact reports may seem simple but you can also run the report using the advanced search. If you use the advanced commands, you will be able to tweak the search and as a result, the report. How? Let’s discover how to create a 7-day Twitter Impact report if you are a PRO user.

It is super easy because our tool is very intuitive. In addition, we will guide you through all the steps so you can get what you need. First of all, you have to be logged in Tweet Binder. Searches are now much faster and you can analyze campaigns directly from the top search box. If you need a simple report (you need to analyze campaigns with one hashtag during last week), you only have to type your hashtag and create the report.

But if, on the contrary, you want to adjust your search, you have to display the tab. Now you have a world of possibilities. You can choose which terms you want to analyze or combine several of them. In addition, you can select other parameters such as the date to analyze (within the last week), the language or the required terms or to avoid.

Analyze campaigns with us!

There is no better way to analyze your campaign. If you have created a daily or weekly campaign, the 7-day reports are perfect. Remember that these reports are unlimited if you have a plan but you can also purchase single reports. In case you want an individual report, the process is the same. You have to fill in the information and click on “Buy report”. The tool will generate it directly and you will be able to consult it under your user. This way, you can have the Twitter statistics of something in particular. All of our reports (whatever the type they are) have the same structure and statistics. If you want to know all the metrics that they include, keep reading this post.