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Twitter is not dead

Is Twitter really dying?

We have been hearing the phrase “Twitter is dead” since God knows when. It seems to be a global belief that Twitter is going to disappear anytime soon. Actually, several webs have announced its death many times. Even the death of Facebook was forecasted by some media and it is safe to say that Facebook is very alive. Twitter is the Social Media platform marked by its immediacy. You can send a 280 character message and it can be read by millions of users in one minute. Journalists, actors, or politicians have used Twitter since its beginnings. These people are followed by thousands (even millions) of users willing to read anything they have to say, Our verdict is clear: Twitter is not dead and we are going to prove it.

Twitter and politics

Twitter has become a key tool when running a political campaign. It is the place where politicians can get in touch with their potential voters and answer their questions. At this moment, Twitter has become very popular in the political field thanks to Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump on Twitter). He is known for using this Social Network to express his personal and political opinions on any topic. With 46,757,657 followers on Twitter none of his tweets are left unnoticed. Almost every message he tweets has a global repercussion and is commented on massive media all around the globe. You can check in this blog an analysis we did on how politicians use Twitter.

The accounts of the voters are as important as the accounts from the candidates to presidency. They are the ones that really have something to say and the ones that need to be heard. With hundreds of millions of users, Twitter has become the perfect forum to discuss political affairs. To see the repercussion a political event has on Twitter we have developed several methods. As an analytics tool, we can say that the use of Twitter during an election is astonishing.

The Catalonian referendum is an example of how a national issue has repercussion on other countries. You can notice in the picture that there were several people form France, Austria or Italy tweeting about this topic.

Twitter and Entertainment

How can anyone say that Twitter is dead when several music groups use this media to announced their latest news? How do you know that the Jonas Brothers might be reuniting? Because of the buzz they have generated on Twitter! The entertainment field is another proof that Twitter is very alive. Music groups use this Social Network to announce their tours. When a film is about to be filmed Twitter is speaking about it. When it is about to be released, Twitter echoes it. Actors use this network to connect with their fans. Brands use Twitter to bring fans closer to their idols. How many Twitter contests do you see per day? Hundreds!

Several platforms have been developed to give voice to those users that share their experiences when they go to a concert of their favorite singer or music group. This is the case, for example, of Bryan Adams and Guns N’ Roses. Both have developed what is called “The Twitter Tour”. A site is developed to reflect what their fans think about their tour all around the globe.

Twitter is not dead and Tweet Binder wants to keep it alive

To sum up, we want to say that Twitter is not dead. It is very alive. It is the place where everybody has its own voice and can be heard. Of course, there are manners that have to be watched and we always have to respect other users. At Tweet Binder we believe that Twitter is alive. And we do not say so because we want to but because we have proof of it. If you want to know how to make the most out of Twitter contact us now and we will show you!