To measure Twitter hashtags using a monitoring tool

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How to measure Twitter hashtags

This looks like a mystery when we are using a hashtag on Twitter or a campaign. Okay, fine. We have just launched it. But… Now what? The first thing after launching our hashtag or campaign is to know how users are reacting to it. Are they using my hashtag? Is it going beyond? Who is using it? At first sight ir might seem difficult to answer these questions. However, it is easy to answer the question “How to measure Twitter hashtags?“. Using a monitoring tool. In this post we are going to discover what are these tools and how helpful they are in order to make the most out of our hashtags or campaigns.

What is a monitoring tool?

In advance we can get an idea, right? We have already said that a monitoring tool is the answer to this question: “How to measure Twitter hashtags?“. So, a monitoring tool will provide us important information. This information is related to our hashtag or campaign and to all the activity around it. It will give us different data that will allow us to know what has happened with our hashtag. However, as we have mentioned in many occasions, there are many monitoring tools out there in the market. That is why it is really important to choose correctly. Here you will find a post that will help you choose šŸ˜‰ 

Important aspects of the monitoring tool that will track our Twitter hashtag

It seems clear that, somehow, it will depend on our needs.There will be some tools that will adapt more or less to what we, as users, need. However, there are some characteristics that a good monitoring tool must have. Let’s see the ones that, from Tweet Binder, we consider essentials: 

  • It has to be easy to use
  • You have to be able to choose between a free and a PRO option.
  • The PRO options have to be flexible, adapting to every type of user.
  • The results have to give us every single detail about what has happened. 
  • A part from complete, they have to give wide range of information.
  • A good monitoring tool has to let us work with the information

Probably we all look for different characteristics when looking for a monitoring tool. Maybe you don’t need a PRO version, or you don’t care about being able to freely manage the information. But, what it’s clear is that it has to be intuitive y has to provide a wide range of information. This fact will allow us to get as close as possible to reality. So, if we know what has happened with our hashtag we will be able to focus much better our next campaign.

Is Tweet Binder a good monitoring tool?

It is, indeed. It is today and it will be. We are experts when it comes to measure Twitter hashtags. However our team is able to deal with everything and we love to challenge ourselves. Our main aim is to give good service to our clients. We do that by offering a monitoring tool which has the mentioned characteristics and many others.

Measure Twitter hashtags thanks to our monitoring tool.
Tweet Binder: measure Twitter hashtags thanks to our monitoring tool.

Why do we say that it is a good monitoring tool and it will be? Because we are about to launch Tweet Binder’s latest version. This version is much more intuitive, easier to use, more powerful, faster and much more complete. That is why we want to encourage you to use it and to share with us your experience and your thoughts. This will help us to improve!

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