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Analyzing who shares the content

We are millions of users who use social media every day to share content and publications. We analyze millions of tweets, images or opinions creating very complete reports. Both on Twitter and on Instagram we can analyze what is shared and obtain complete data and statistics. We are able to monitor without limit, but we can also obtain very valuable information from users who have participated in the analysis. In addition, it is essential to know what is shared, to discover and study those who are part our report. This is why our user rankings are so relevant and important.

Twitter users rankings

On Twitter we can analyze absolutely everything. Once we carry out a search, first we offer a visually very attractive infographic report in which, in addition to general statistics, we can see two main user rankings. These are: the five most active users and the five most popular. We consider that it is important to highlight them. The first one allows us to quickly detect the accounts that have most participated in the analysis, and the second let us to detect influencers or relevant accounts that we could or may not know that have shared content about what we have analyzed.

Tweet Binder users rankings
Most active and most popular users rankings

These rankings are accessible to all those who make a report in Tweet Binder. To the users who make free reports and to those who have a plan or buy specific reports.

In the case of the second report that is included in Tweet Binder, the advanced report, we will have more rankings with more number of accounts per ranking. In fact, with the PRO version (plans or specific reports), we will have the opportunity to check up to eight rankings: more active, more RTs have sent, those that have shared more original tweets (very interesting to detect prescribers), accounts with more followers , those that have generated the highest impact, those that have shared the most photos, the most mentioned users, and those that have been most retweeted.

Ranking de Twitter en Tweet Binder
Twitter report with most retweeted users ranking

These user rankings, besides being available in  the reports that we have just seen, can be consulted in the Excel file generated with the PRO reports. This document includes a tab with the complete list of accounts that have tweeted. It also offers several parameters that allow us to sort the results according to what we want to know.

Instagram users rankings

When we analyze Instagram hashtags we also generate a very complete and attractive report. We can consult statistics of the publications. Also we can quickly know which ones have been the most commented or those that more likes have received. Besides, we can check the locations where the publications have been shared and six rankings of users are also included. These rankings are:

Instagram report Tweet Binder
Instagram users rankings list

The rankings of users are not simple lists, they are valuable information to be able to know better those who interact with our campaign or brand. Thus, to be able to treat them better. Whether it is rewarding more active users with contests, or if it is mentioning them in a publication. We have to take advantage of those who help us to make ourselves known or those who talk about us. Because they are not just users or a number, they are very valuable. And, as we have seen, discovering them is very simple with Tweet Binder.