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Our reports are more complete now. Check out the new Twitter metrics.

Social Media Analytics: Easy and competitive

We work day by day to be the most complete tool for Social Media analytics. We have said many times how proud we are for the direct and honest relationship we have with our users. It doesn’t matter if they are self-employed, small agencies or large multinational companies. First of all, our goal is always to offer the best option to cover all your needs. Although we have been offering all the analytics for years, we have decided to offer a new service now: The reports packages. Many of our clients acquire Twitter Analytics Reports and Instagram stats. For that reason, it is possible to purchase several reports at the same time and enjoy competitive discounts. In addition, historical data will enjoy the discounts as well and you can use them whenever you need.

Twitter Analytics Reports: Do not miss the opportunity

Twitter Analytics Reports are the soul of Tweet Binder. Our tool can analyze any hashtag, term or account. The period of time is not a problem because you can purchase 30-day reports (to analyze everything shared during the last 30 days) or the hashtag campaigns (real time analytics). In both cases, you will receive a report showing all the main stats, up to 6 user rankings and additional information. The timeline activity, images, two extra rankings, technical information and the excel exportation. All the reports include the same stats but now, with a special price for our clients.

Twitter Analytics Reports
Discover the discounts offered by Tweet Binder

The cost of this type of packages varies depending on the number of Twitter Analytics Reports. You can purchase 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 reports at the same time and enjoy a discount from 10% up to 50%. It is really useful to complete all your metrics in just one purchase. Thanks to these packages, your analytical needs will be covered for sure.

Twitter historical data with no limits

What if we need more data? Thanks to our tool for analyzing hashtags there is no problem. Tweet Binder offers Twitter historical data with no limits. If you had a campaign on 2016 you are able to get a Twitter report of its impact, reach and much more. Many professionals need Twitter analytics of hashtags that happened months ago. Fortunately, Tweet Binder is here to help. It is important to know that you can purchase a single historical report but, what is better, you can enjoy our discounts by purchasing one of our packages.

Twitter Historical data
Enjoy the Twitter Historical data with our reports

Instagram stats and analytics

What about the Instagram stats and analytics? You do not have to worry. We have also taken into account our Instagram reports. If you need to analyze several hashtags on Instagram, you are in the right place. Thanks to Tweet Binder and our new offer, you will be able to create as many Instagram reports as you need to and at the best price. This way, you will receive a complete analysis of your hashtag. Our reports include all the Instagram stats, user rankings and media rankings too. It is the easiest way to analyze how the campaign or event is going.

Tweet Binder image
Check out the prices for the Instagram stats and analytics

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