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Before the invention of the Internet, the squares of the cities were the discussion forums. With the arrival of Internet, the first forums arrived and people shared their opinions. All this changes with the arrival of social networks. Nowadays, if someone wants to express their opinion about something, they do it through a simple tweet. A message of up to 240 characters can start an unparalleled conversation. On Twitter, the are opinions about all kinds of issues: political, social, musical … Singers are one of the groups that unleash the most passions in social networks. Either because they have given a concert or because they have released a new video clip. There are always people commenting on it. This last case of video clips and cover images has unleashed the latest controversy in social networks. The singer Maluma, known for his summer hits, unleashes polemic by publishing controversial images with women. These photos have been shared by using the hashtag #MejorSolaQueConMaluma. Thousands of women from all over the world are sharing their disapproval with the singer through this hashtag.

Twitter analysis: #MejorSolaQueConMaluma

With Tweet Binder you can analyze anything on Twitter. No matter the date when the tweet was sent, we have historical reports and real time analytics. In this case, since the hashtag has already been used, we need to create a report to the past. For this post we have used a PRO report (report of up to 10,000 tweets from the last 7 days). Creating a PRO report is very simple, in this post we explain how. We only have to introduce the hashtag that we want to analyze in the search box and the system will create the report. Tweet Binder has a free version of up to 2,000 tweets from the last 7 days.

Create a PRO Report

The hashtag #MejorSolaQueConMaluma has been shared a total of 5,841 times on Twitter by 3,798 users. This report is from August 19, 2018 until today August 29, 2018. In addition, it has achieved a potential reach of 11,880,874 and 19,309,444 potential impressions. The new version of Tweet Binder offers economic valuation statistics. The market value of the hashtag #MejorrSolaQueConMaluma with that number of tweets and impressions is € 35,969. To learn more about the economic value of a hashtag check this post.

Tweet Binder analiza #MejorSolaQueConMaluma
#MejorSolaQueConMaluma – Twitter Report by Tweet Binder


Instagram report: #MejorSolaQueConMaluma

With Tweet Binder you can also analyze Instagram hashtags. These types of reports are made on demand and can be purchased from here. The hashtag #MejorSolaQueConMaluma has also had an impact on Instagram. It has obtained, so far, a total of 177 posts that have generated 328,462 impacts. It is important to bear in mind that in these reports only posts published by public accounts are counted. If an account with activated privacy publishes a photo with the hashtag #MejorSolaQueConMaluma, it will never appear on the Instagram website nor will its API provide it.      

Tweet Binder analiza Instagram - #MejorSolaQueConMaluma
Instagram rankings: #MejorSolaQueConMaluma report

Analyze trends with Tweet Binder

As you can see, with Tweet Binder it is very easy to analyze hashtags on Twitter or Instagram. In a quick and easy way you can get reports on both social networks and see the impact it has had. You know the hashtag you want to analyze but not what kind of report do you need? Contact our team! They will be happy to help you.

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