Twitter hashtags for advertising campaigns

Twitter hashtags make it easier

All companies want to launch successful publicity campaigns. To launch them is easy. What is really difficult is to correctly choose how to do it. Most companies ask themselves the same questions: “What media should I choose?”, “How can I ensure that people participate actively?”, “Will my effort be worth it?”, “Will people get to know me better?”. From Tweet Binder we have already spoken about turning campaigns into interactive tools. But we’re not talking about that today. Nowadays it doesn’t matter what media companies choose, all campaigns have one thing in common. They all include a Twitter hashtag. “What for?” you may think. It’s a perfect way to ensure that your audience gets involved. Customers will use it and talk about it. Good and bad things will be said. Don’t panic! 😉 It is unnecessary to say that you should run a Twitter report for the Twitter hashtag of your campaign.

Is my Twitter hashtag working?

Once you launch your campaign you will see people participating. They are using you Twitter hashtag. Congrats! It is a good way to start.

Example of a Twitter hashtag used by Coca Cola
Example of a Twitter hashtag used by Coca-Cola

How long are they going to use it? It depends on when will your campaign end. It may last for a week, a few days or even a month. This is when the problem often comes up. Most people think: “And now… What?”. Here’s the solution. From Tweet Binder we offer many different options which may fit your campaign. It really doesn’t matter what type you have chosen, we are able to analyze the information. Our Twitter reports will give you and your company valuable information. Thanks to that you will be able to see how far your Twitter hashtag has gone. You’ll see, for example, the number of tweets per hashtag.

Twitter report: Is the number of tweets important?

What is really important about the tweets sent is the information we obtain. Our Twitter reports give the same type information regardless of the amount of tweets you want to analyze. What does this means? This means that your Twitter reports will always contain the same amount metrics. This metrics adapt to the number of tweets being analyzed. Here’s an example of an Infographic report done by Tweet Binder. 

After all, it doesn’t matter if you are part of a big, medium or small company. It doesn’t matter if lots of people have used your Twitter hashtag of if got just a few tweets. From Tweet Binder we offer different plans that may fit your campaign perfectly. If it took place long ago place it doesn’t matter! You can ask for a Historical report which will give you information with no time limitation. If your campaign is happening now, choose a Live report. If your campaign took place not that long ago, try a 30 days report

There’s another option. That your company wants to launch more than one campaign per year. If this is your case, you can choose between Tweet Binder’s plans. They will be really helpful throughout the year and will make the most out of your effort!

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