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Analyze hashtags for free

It may sometimes seem like creating a report and analyzing a hashtag will be really expensive. With Tweet Binder it is not because you can analyze hashtags for free. Since the beginning we have been offering the chance to create unlimited free reports. Our customers just have to log in with their Twitter account and start analyzing. These free Twitter reports analyze a total of 2,000 tweets from the last 7 days. Obviously, it’s not enough if you want to analyze hashtags or terms with lots of activity or a campaign that took place more than 7 days ago. But trust us, for small amounts of activity or recent campaigns the free Twitter reports are perfect.

Tweet Binder reports
Tweet Binder offers free reports up to 2,000 tweets

How to create free Twitter reports

It is really easy to create the free Twitter reports. After logging in we directly go to the search box. This allows us to create new reports from no matter what part of the panel and makes it much more confortable. When we have written the term in the search box we have to click on the “Create my report!” button. That is the moment when our free report is created.

Analyzing our Twitter hashtag with Tweet Binder
How to use Tweet Binder’s search box while analyzing our Twitter hashtag

What will I find inside my free report?

A free report includes the Basic Stats. This means that it won’t include as many metrics as an advanced report. As we mentioned before a free report includes up to 2,000 tweets from the last seven days. If you analyze hashtags for free you will get the total number of tweets (if this number doesn’t exceed the limit of 2,000 tweets), the number of potential reach and potential impacts, the percentages of each type of tweets, a timeline, a few user rankings and a photo gallery.

Is a free report enough?

It depends on your needs. Analyzing hashtags for free is great! If you just want to know a few details about what went on around your hashtag a free report might be enough for you. However, if you want to go deeper and know much more about your hashtag and its activity you may need an advanced report. But, don’t worry because they are not always needed. If your campaign is not very big or it took place in a short period of time a free Twitter report will perfectly fit your needs.

Is there a limit of free reports?

No there’s not. As we have already said you just have to log in with you Twitter account. Then you are free to create your Twitter reports because you can generate as many as you want. You can track lots of hashtags and use the information obtained as needed. It is really lucky being able to have all this information for free and having the chance to manage it as we want.

Not convinced yet? Don’t worry. Take your time and try our free reports. Then you will see how useful they are. If you need more details and information consider creating an Advanced Report or contact our team for more information.