#Deb4teTVE: Twitter analysis for political data

We are at one of the most important moments of the election campaign in Spain and the political analysis on Twitter about the candidates are becoming increasingly important. The big debates between the four candidates took place yesterday and it achieved huge levels of conversation on Twitter. That’s why Tweet Binder has analyzed all the tweets shared about #Deb4teTVE in collaboration with ISDI and TVE and showed them on TV. In that case, we designed different slides with the most important information about the debates.

General Stats
The debate got great conversation on Twitter between all the users. We decided to display the main stats and show the impacts, contributors and the total amount of tweets. On the other hand, we have designed the geolocation map in order to show the cities that shared the most number of tweets. The TV hosts wanted to see from where were their viewers/users and the outcome of this was amazing.

Political analysis about candidates
We decided to show the percentage of tweets of each candidate and political party in order to present their engagement on Twitter. We have personalized the slides with the corporate colors, pics and logos.

_2.1-Menciones-líderes-políticos 2.2-Menciones-partidos-políticos
Tag Cloud
It’s really important to know the main topics treated during debates. That’s why we have created a tag cloud with the most important keywords of the conversation.

Are you hosting a debate? Do you want to get to know you guests and your audience? Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you including this in your shows!