Twitter advanced searches with Tweet Binder

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Millions of tweets are shared daily. Twitter advanced searches are the best way to come up with detailed stats and data when we need, for example, to analyze more than one hashtag or stats from only one day. We can look for help on Twitter’s page but we are going to show you the main commands that our clients use and those that they find really useful on their daily work with Twitter analytics. It’s time to become a real PRO Twitter searcher!

Twitter search by date

A very common request is to create reports filtered by dates. We can offer global report, for real time campaigns or historical data, but can also use the advanced command search to filter the results by dates. This option is also available to check tweets on Twitter. In case we need to get stats for #socialmedia only from yesterday (28th of May), we have to proceed like this:

Twitter advanced search
Twitter command search by date

It is important to note that there must not be any space between the “since” or “until” and the two dots. It is also mandatory to write the numbers separated by “-” and with no blank space between each digit.

Twitter search by type of tweet

Another really usual demand is to create a report based on a certain type of tweet. For example, if we are running a photo contest about #London where we only want to analyze tweets that contain pictures we can easily use the advanced search to select those tweets. The way to get only the pictures when creating a Twitter report is to type:

Twitter advanced searches
Twitter search command for links

We can also create reports containing just RTs by searching, for example: #London RT. Or if we only want to analyze the links about a topic or hashtag, we have to search for: #London link. We use the type of tweets to search for hashtags, words or Twitter accounts but we always have to write first what we want to base the report on and then, after a space, the type of results that we want to obtain.

Twitter multiple search

If you are a social media manager or a data geek, you probably have needed to search for a hashtag and a link, an account with a hashtag or a work linked to a hashtag and an account. Multiple searches are really frequent and really easy to analyze. For example, if we want to analyze all the tweets containing the hashtag #SocialMedia and the account @mashable, we should search this:

Twitter advanced command
Twitter advanced search for a hashtag and an account

It is also really important to try to create these multiple searches because they are the most efficient way to come up with the most accurate results. We can try to look for the retweets of all the tweets containing the hashtag #socialmedia that were shared during the 25th and 26th of May. It’s really easy, we have got to have the order of the search very clear. We should write: #socialmedia RT since:2017-05-25 until:2017-05-27

As usual, the best way to become familiar with Twitter advanced searches is to try and, why not, to fail. The first reports that you create using these commands may not offer you the expected analytics, but you can always count on us. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you find the best result for your search, we’ll be happy to help you and to show you how to create your own reports like a PRO.

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