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Tweet Binder

“Tweet Binder is definitely a tool for tweet chat metrics” – #RubhuSocial

The number of Twitter chats grows day by day and we find them really useful! We know the importance of stats and engagement and that’s why our tool offers all the information in a very clear way. This time we have asked Akathma Devi@RubhuSocial founder, about Tweet Binder and its importance for #RubhuSocial.

“You hold a weekly Twitter chat and every Tuesday you engage with your followers who tweet with the hashtag #RubhuSocial. Tell us about it, how long has it been active?”

“I have been hosting the #RubhuSocial tweet chats every Tuesday since September 2014 and in 8 more weeks, we will hit the century mark.”

Which topics are the most commented? How have you built a solid community?

Thanks to the growing enthusiasm and ever changing digital marketing landscape, we always have plenty to discuss and learn. I think that building a strong solid community for tweet chats comes with consistency and interesting topics. We also have guest-host feature where once in a month we give an opportunity to fellow digital marketers who are interested in moderating a tweet chat.

Can you give any advice on how to launch a Twitter chat or on how to drive the conversation to promote your values?

Two important things a host of a Twitter chat should have are Patience & Consistency. It might not turn out as expected initially, but if we stay consistent, the community grows and becomes stronger.

Analyze! After the chat, take out some time to analyze the chat. Not just the numbers, but also the responses and the audience. This will help you to come up with better topics and will improve your communication during the chat.

Why do you think Tweet Binder is a tool to keep in mind? How does it help you on your Social Media strategy?

As I have said above, metrics help me to understand my community and its reach. Tweet Binder plays an important role here. The detailed report on who tweeted the most, who retweeted, how much impact their participation has got for my chat…etc. will help me to understand my community better.

Understanding how they are reacting or engaging within this 1 hour length chat helps me to change my approach whenever is required.

Ex: On the initial days of the chat, we used to announce the “star of the chat” at the end of every chat to the most active participant. Considering the number of tweets, RTs, Replies and the value they bring in. This helped us a lot. It encouraged many to join the chat as well as contribute more.

What data or information would you add or modify to what we already offer?

In the reports we can see top 7 languages. I would also like to see countries where participants are tweeting. That would help me to understand more about our growing community.

Tweet summary of your experience with Tweet Binder (less than 140 characters).

Tweet Binder is definitely a tool for tweet chat metrics that will help you to know more about your community.