#‎innovActionElecciones: The power of Twitter & Politics

Few weeks ago we showed you an example about the perfect combination between Twitter and Politics. Today we want to introduce you our last amazing project that involve hashtag monitoring for politics:‪ #‎innovActionElecciones. We have developed this microsite for Internet Academi & Ketchum Spain to follow the hashtags on Twitter about the Spanish Elections that will take place December 20th.  ‪

Hashtag monitoring

Tweet Binder is tracking all the official hashtags and accounts on real time and we are setting the results on the Parlament according to the stats. We have created different reports for each party with all the data and rankings. Now it’s really easy to know what’s happening on Twitter related to the political campaign. Our reports include general stats, rankings of users and all the information about geolocation and transcripts.

Follow the hashtags and then… Display the info!

You will find all the info at http://www.innovactionelecciones.com/

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