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Tweet Binder

Discover the new Twitter Walls & Web Widgets

The Twitter Analytics tool, Tweet Binder, has been completely renewed

The new version of the platform, that still maintains its freemium service, has made significant improvements in terms of functionality and design. We are not just a Twitter Analytics tool, we have gone beyond that. The novelties presented by this new version of Tweet Binder are multiple (Twitter walls, web widgets and much more). Here are some of them.


Hashtag Analytics

With Tweet Binder you can analyze any term on Twitter. It could be a hashtag, a keyword, an account or a quoted text. The new version of Tweet Binder includes new statistics such as:

– Instagram photos shared on Twitter
– Ranking of users that sent the highest number of retweets
– Ranking of users that have shared more pics
– Mobile version of the final report

We show a report where you can see these new statistics including the previous ones.


Tweet Walls

Another new feature included in this new version of Tweet Binder is the Twitter Wall. It would allow you to show live data easily and customize design. It’s the perfect solution for live events, tv shows, big sport events… Thanks to the technological development created by Tweet Binder’s team, you could manage to show tweets, stats and photos on big screens, constantly updated.

The Tweet Binder Walls show us:

– Different kind of designs to cover all your request
– Pictures in real time
– Rankings of users (most active, most often mentioned…)
– Complete Statistics
– Tweet’s Counter
– Binders and Trending Topics

All the Tweet Walls can be customized for each client. You could insert your logo, change the background, select your branding color and font in order to create the best  corporate solution.

In addition, there is a very simple moderation panel that allows you to approve or reject tweets. Moderation is very important in certain events by preventing to show on screen tweets with sensitive content with which the organization is not agreed. A system of random that displays repeated tweets if there were no new tweets is also installed.

Web Widgets

Another new interesting and demanded of the new version of Tweet Binder is widgets inserted in web pages with Tweet Binder content in real time. For example, you can create a Web Widget with the speakers most often mentioned, or a ranking with the most active users of an event, or even the creation of wars of hashtags that would win it having more activity


In conclusion, the new version of Tweet Binder offers great possibilities. After months of intensive work, our best advice is that everyone in to and check it by yourself. These are some of the most visible new features but the possibilities offered by the new tool are numerous: databases, libraries, APIs… All designed to offer users the best tool for Twitter analytics.