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Donald Trump Twitter

Donald Trump Twitter

Donald Trump Twitter: How does the President uses Twitter?

Donald Trump’s tweets are a great way to know what the president is thinking, doing or thinking of doing. Donald Trump’s tweets open news broadcast and always that Donald Trump uses Twitter a newspaper writes a new article. They are also a great source of conflict and controversy. We have analyzed every tweet sent by Donald Trump since he became the president of the United States of America to see how he’s doing. We analyzed until July 2017 and we can say Trump Twitter, what a combination! He is probable the president in the world that uses Twitter the most. And when we say “uses” it means personally, he doesn’t have a team of people managing the account for him. Trump’s tweets are written by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump keeps using his official Twitter account @RealDonaldTrump heavily instead of the one from the presidency @Potus. President Obama used to have a team running his accounts. Whenever he sent a tweet personally, he added its signature to it so the audience would know.

Donald Trump has sent in these 180 days of 2017 931 tweets. We are not counting here the RTs he has sent, just the original tweets he has written and sent. 931 tweets divided in:

  • 645 text tweets: tweets containing only text (no link, no pic, etc.).
  • 16 replies: tweets where he replies to other users (however, in this case, he’s replying to himself when creating threads)
  • 270 links or images.

Does Donald Trump tweet from an iPhone or Android?

Donald Trump uses up to 5 ways to send the tweets, 5 different sources. Let’s remember that Twitter consider “source” the software a person uses to tweet. In this case, these are the sources Donald Trump uses:

SourceNumber of tweets
Twitter for iPhone601
Twitter for Android274
Twitter Ads33
Twitter Web Client12
Media Studio11

875 tweets are sent directly from cellphones, mostly from iPhone. This means that the president still uses his iPhone after all:

What hashtags does Donald Trump use when he tweets?

Not big surprise here, Donald Trump is using his campaign hashtags mostly: #MAGA (Make America Great Again) and #AmericaFirst

HashtagNumber of tweets

The real surprise here would be that he doesn’t use hashtags much, maybe he doesn’t need them?

What media does Donald Trump mention the most?

Donald Trump talks about the media, that’s a fact. He talks so much about the media that 19% of his tweets in 2017 (177 tweets) talk about the media. 7,2% talk about Fake News.

MediaNumber of tweets
Fox News37
New York Times20

Fox News is the media that receives the highest number of mentions. It is also one of the only ones that talks “nice” about Donald Trump. That’s why the president send tweets like these:

However, the rest of the mentions to the media are not that nice. For example, CNN is receiving many tweets in 2017 from the president that are not that nice:

Let’s remember that the one who sends these tweets is the president of the United States of America.

Most retweeted and liked tweet in 2017

In 2017 Donald Trump has sent 931 tweets so far. The tweet where he shows a video making fun of CNN News is the one with the highest number of retweets and likes. So far it has 274,731 retweets and 449243 likes, these figures keep growing.

The second one has 98,128 retweets and 104,706 likes:

Interesting facts about Donald Trump in Twitter

  • How many twitter followers does trump have? At this moment Trump’s Twitter account has close to 62 Million followers
  • How many mentions does Trump receive in Twitter? He gets 10,000 mentions in 20 minutes, can you imagine his phone?
  • Is there one fake Donald Trump in Twitter? Ummm, one? not just one, thousands!
  • How much is a tweet from Donald Trump worth? Right now the market value will be 82k USD. However, since Donald Trump’s tweets get tons of engagement, its real value is 935k USD. Amazing.
Twitter Trump
Donald Trump has an engagement value of almost one million USD

President Trump likes Twitter. Twitter Trump and Fox News is also a great source of information by the way, you can get a lot information from that and also great tweets. Twitter is the place where Donald Trump feels safe, independent and where he can say whatever he wants. We haven’t tried to judge the content of the tweets, we don’t care about that and we have more important things to do actually. Donald trump’s use of Twitter is very peculiar because he is using it everyday and each of this tweets create a huge controversy. The way he addresses the media has not been seen before, he insults and make fun of them. When analyzing the mentions to Trump Russia twitter intervention has a special place: there are 10,000 tweets (no retweets) every 3 days than mention Donald Trump and Russia.

We will see where this goes, but it seems like Trump won’t stop tweeting and that no one can stop him either.

Bonus: the president is tweeting in an unknown language!

According to Twitter, the president sent one 5 tweets in an unknown language. Donald Trump tweeted 5 tweets in a language Twitter can guess.

Languages of Donald Trump
In June 2019 (update) Trump send 5 tweets in an unknown language