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The Power of Twitter

What are trending topics on Twitter? Since its creation in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter has become revolutionary in the way we share content both due to its character limitations as well as its speed. In addition, Twitter has come to impact its audiences in new ways. Even though users follow the accounts that they decide so as to read only what they want, millions of non-users are also conscious of the subject matter and commentary published on Twitter as well.

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In fact, Twitter reaches a much broader audience than just its users. One of Twitter’s biggest revolution is its ability to group together messages about current topics. This feature started in 2010 what’s known as “trending topics”. Initially grouped together by hashtags, tweets about current events and topics create trends and, with them, additional tweets and commentary. Consequently, other tools like Tweet Binder have also arisen to help analyze and value what’s shared on Twitter.

What Are Trending Topics on Twitter?

Trending topics on Twitter deal with current events and subject matter. They’re typically one word or a set of words with a hashtag that are especially used in some given moment and shown on Twitter’s homepage. Trending topics can be filtered and chosen according to location. In this way, we can see which topics are of interest both globally as well as nationally.

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Like we’ve already mentioned, trending topics on Twitter are suggested from hashtags which help to group together tweets about one subject. They’re especially used during events, sports competitions, and television programs. Anyone is free to create and share a hashtag; however, it’s uncommon for a hashtag or random word shared by a “normal” user to become a trend because, today, a word or a group of words can also be a trend.

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Twitter, tweets and hashtags

In reality, trending topics on Twitter appear thanks to the social media network’s very own algorithm. In fact, many trends are created when many tweets are shared through one hashtag. But that’s not the only factor. It’s also necessary to have in mind the amount of time those tweets and hashtags were shared. For example, its not the same to share the same hashtag 5,000 times in one half hour than during a week. And yes, Twitter’s algorithm is ever changing; therefore, current topics are sometimes debatable.

There are clients that ask agencies to convert their brand or campaign hashtag into a trend. Although there are ways to do so, in those cases, what works without a doubt is to pay for that service. If you don’t, it won’t be 100% possible for your brand to become a hashtag.

Who Do Trending Topics on Twitter Work For

Even so, Twitter’s trending topics help us to know what’s being commented just by looking at the most relevant topics. Both for users and professionals alike (above all, communication professionals), Twitter’s trends are a thermometer for what’s current.

Therefore, trending topics are mainly used to detect what’s happening in the world. That might sound categorical, but taking a look at the global trending topics gives a vision about what is currently relevant. The motives may be varied. For example, Donald Trump is usually a trend.

The US President has made Twitter an important branch of his communication methods and his tweets frequently turn into trends.

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In this way, it’s impact and the repercussions of its messages are breaking traditional communication methods at unreachable levels— because Twitter and its’ trending topics are also used to communicate in ways like never before. They’ve been established as new methods of communication and, as such, are able to impact popular thought.

How Can We Keep Track of Twitter’s TT?

There are various tools that can help to find out what the trending topics on Twitter are. In fact, there are tools that can figure them out just by location as well as by looking at which ones are posted daily or even by the hour. But, beyond just discovering what the trends are that Twitter has publishes, is it possible to analyze them?

Best tips to tack your TT

In the first place, and like we’ve already mentioned, there are various factors that cause a trend. Therefore, we may think that we’re not capable or prepared to catch them on time (for example, there aren’t notifications that tell you of trending topics); however, there do exist a number of tools that will allow you to analyze data on Twitter.

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Even more, they’re able to analyze that data retroactively. Thanks to them, we’ll be able to know not just what’s trending but also through what tweets and which users.

Analyze Trending Topics on Twitter with Tweet Binder

In this blog, we’ve already published several posts about trends on Twitter. From how to analyze a foreseeable trending topic to how to manage a crisis that’s turned into a trend. We’ve also written about the studies we’ve done ourselves to analyze Twitter. In short, with Tweet Binder, it’s possible to monitor any tweet that you want— past, present, and even future ones (thanks to real-time studies).

Tweet Binder Reports

Get all your data with Tweet Binder

Therefore, if you need information about a trending topic on Twitter, all you have to do is reach out to us. We’ll quickly customize a report for you to obtain all the tweets pertaining to a trend— whether from the past or recently, there are no time limits. In fact, many clients ask for a campaign analysis that look at their past topics on Twitter. Once we receive the request to do the report, we’ll get to it right away and in less than 24 hours you’ll receive the results— both an online version with the complete data and rankings as well as an Excel version so that you can work with the information comfortably.

You don’t have to be Donald Trump to be the talk of the town. The most important thing is to know what’s important and to give it the value that it deserves. With a report or plan from Tweet Binder, you’ll be able to get the tweets and data information that you need. So, don’t look further — the real trend is the one you make with your own (analytic) decisions.

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