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Tweet Binder: The tool for measuring hashtags

Twitter analytics is daily used by any company or advertising and communication agency. It is not enough to think and launch campaigns with a hashtag. We need to accurately measure all its impact to make decisions and improve. Frequently we get these questions asked: How many users have shared tweets about my event? How many times my hashtag has been used? Which has been the impact of my campaign? All of those questions find their answer easily if we use a tool to measure hashtags. Thanks to Tweet Binder, not only you can analyze hashtags for free but you also have access to historical Twitter data with no time limit.

As each campaign or event is something unique, we offer different types of analytical reports to get the best results. The freeTweet Binder version allows you to analyze up to a maximum of 2,000 tweets from the last 7 days. If you need more in-depth analysis, you can choose to monitor in real time or tweets from the past.

Twitter reports by Tweet Binder
Tracking Twitter is easy with our complete reports

Free hashtag analytics: Our freemium version

Sometimes we need a quick report about a recent campaign or event. On these occasions, counting with a reliable tracking tool is really handy. More if it offers a free and complete version. Tweet Binder offers the possibility to analyze any hashtag, term or account directly from the home page and for free. We will get a Twitter report with data from maximum the last 7 days and up to a maximum of 2,000 tweets. This type of report is perfect to know the scope of something punctual. General statistics, user rankings and activity graphs are included.

In addition, with this version you can create as many reports as you want in a few minutes. If we exceed those 2,000 tweets, we would need a Tweet Binder PRO report. Our reports are more complete now. Check out the new Twitter metrics.

Twitter historical data

What if we need more data? Thanks to our tool for analyzing hashtags there is no problem. Tweet Binder offers data for the last 30 days and, if necessary, also for previous date ranges. There are no limits because we can access data since 2006.

The cost of this type of reporting varies depending on the number of tweets and the time period analyzed. Twitter historical reports of the last 30 days can be purchased directly through the web but for longer periods, we can offer you a tight budget in few minutes. Unlike free reports, these reports include many more statistics and rankings as well as Excel exportation. This last option may seem secondary but, having all the information in an Excel, will allow you to handle the data however you want.

Twitter real time analytics

Finally, Tweet Binder offers the option to monitor any hashtag, term or account in real time. These reports are perfect for events or campaigns that extend over time. With access to the constantly updated data, we can assess the course of the campaign in question. They are also very useful for making decisions or for getting ahead of a potential reputation crisis on Twitter.

Real Time Tracking
Analyze any hashtag or team in real time

Regardless of how your campaign or event is, we have the answer to all of your questions through analytical reports on Twitter. In addition, you can check our Twitter analytics plan so your reports have no limits.

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