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Tracking Instagram trending hashtags with Tweet Binder

Instagram is one of the most important social media networks nowadays. There are thousands of publications shared every minute and sometimes it is hard to keep track of trending hashtags on Instagram. That’s why we have developed our trending topic analytics tool, to help customers and brands to come up with the most important pictures and the main data shared about a hashtag. Our Instagram reports are the best source to analyze and get a quick and attractive snapshot about what has been shared.

Trending hashtags on Instagram: #MetGala example

Our Instagram analytics reports are the best way to track a trending hashtag. We offer the data analyzed on a link where every statistic and publication tracked is displayed beautifully. We know that one of the fields that takes most advantage of Instagram’s power is fashion. We have created a report about the last #MetGala event to show you how our Instagram infographic reports are.

Instagram analytics by Tweet Binder
Instagram trending topic analytics by Tweet Binder. #MetGala report.

On the first place, we have access to the most relevant statistics that the hashtag has generated. In the case of #MetGala we can check that the almost 5,000 publications have been shared by 2,419 accounts generating a potential impact of over 200 millions. It is important to notice that the numbers that are included on the statistics section come with a help button so we can easily figure out the meaning of each parameter.

Then, we can check a complete list of users rankings. This is really useful and important as we can rapidly see who has published more number of publications, the account that has generated the highest impact or the one that has shared more number of publications. Those rankings are vital to have a quick idea of the participants that have shared publications about the trending hashtag and also in case we want to reward those most influential or most active.

Tweet Binder Instagram rankings report
Users ranking of the Instagram analytics report by Tweet Binder

After that, we can check a complete gallery having the chance to detect the content that has received more likes or those that have been more commented. This is a really helpful feature as you can have access to the most viral and most important publications shared about the Instagram hashtag analyzed.

That comes followed by other parameters also really important when talking about trending topic analysis. #MetGala’s report also shows us the locations from where the publications were shared and, what’s more, the hashtags that were used with the one analyzed and the Instagram filters that were most used to upload the content related to the trending event.

Instagram analytics for #MetGala by Tweet Binder. Location example.
Tacking trending hashtag on Instagram with Tweet Binder: #MetGala locations

As you can see, there is not much more to analyze when it comes to tracking trending topics on Instagram. Tweet Binder also will provides an Excel document where all the stats and publications, also the users’ list, can be consulted. We are ready to receive your petition about tracking hashtags on Instagram, do not hesitate to check our Instagram services or to contact us. We are always happy to help!