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Instagram: Turn likes into sales

Instagram has become the favorite showcase for fashion brands. The power of the image and its easy way to interact make this social network an essential tool for any brand. However, we have to ask: Is it enough to share the campaign’s images? Obviously not. You need to go one step further. You have to create campaigns on Instagram that surprise and attract your followers. In addition, we can not forget that, once that campaign has ended, we will have to use a tool to analyze Instagram. This way, we will obtain a complete Instagram analysis in order to assess and make decisions.

Measure Instagram analytics report
Analyze any hashtag on Instagram and discover all the stats

Tool to analyze Instagram: Tweet Binder

Firstly, the report shows the general statistics that allow us to know the evolution of the hashtag. In particular, its most important statistics (impact, scope, typology of publications, level of engagement …). We will have all the data we need to be able to evaluate the analysis of Instagram in just one click.

On the other hand, the reports also include 8 rankings of users. These rankings give us the opportunity to know more in detail the type of audience we manage. Moreover, you will find the ranking of posts according to the number of likes and comments received, the map with geolocated publications and two extra rankings that display the related hashtags and the most used filters.

Instagram analysis: #estonoesunselfie

The Instagram account of @adolfodominguezoficial launched a disturbing publication a few days ago. “A self-portrait is a picture of oneself. But it’s not a #selfie.” This publication was also supported by two of the most recognized actors of Spain: Luis Tosar and Inma Cuesta.

Un autorretrato es una foto de uno mismo. Pero no es un #selfie · #estonoesunselfie · #LuisTosar · @inmakum · #AdolfoDominguez

Una publicación compartida de ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ (@adolfodominguezoficial) el

The hashtag is the main character of the campaign. Both the teaser released by the account and the video revolve around him. We did the Instagram analysis to see the activity generated. The Instagram reports offer valuable information about the hashtag but also about the users who have participated in that conversation.

#estonoesunselfie: General Stats

informe de Tweet Binder
We analyze #estonoesunselfie with Tweet Binder
  • Number of post: #estonoesunselfie has 472 post of which 97% are images and 3% videos
  • Users: The hashtag has been shared by 309 Instagram users
  • Number of likes: 75,302 likes in 472 posts
  • Impacts: The potential number of times users could have seen the hashtag. 2,319,068 in total
  • Reach: The potential number of people who could have seen the hashtag. This campaign potentially reaches 1,034,418 users
  • Level of influence: Average of followers per participant. 3.348
  • Penetration level: Each user has shared an average of 1,53 posts

Ranking of users

We have seen that Adolfo Domínguez, the actors involved in the campaign and the account created for this occasion are the top ones in all the rankings of users related to activity and engagement. Adolfo Domínguez, on the other hand, dissociates himself from the most active ones (for that purpose they have create the campaign’s account).

Informe de Tweet Binder
Ranking of most active and most popular

Do not hesitate to use our Instagram analytics tool if you need to know the impact of your hashtag on this Social network. At Tweet Binder, we offer single reports and customized plans to cover all your needs. Feel free to contact us!