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Tweet Binder

Real time hashtag tracking for Twitter – #TNWNYC

Display of a live hashtag tracking

It’s being a crazy week at Tweet Binder! You know how much we love to interact with the users, because everybody wants to share their thoughts and opinions about any event on twitter. That’s why The Next Web asked us to create an amazing landing page for the #TNWNYC summit celebrated in Brooklyn last week. Tweet Binder makes any event remarkable and The Next Web already knew that!


Development of a custom website with all the Twitter stats

Following their ideas and their knowledge, we have developed a site based on different modules. TNW team really knows how to innovate and to be creative so Tweet Binder designed a really intuitive and attractive site 100% responsive. We included the main stats and the most important rankings to reach out  their audience and encourage their participation in real time. We also created two different layouts in order to speed up the stats’ display via Twitter or Instagram.

Here you can check the #TNWNYC page with all the stats:

The last module included the most popular speakers according to the number of mentions. This is the result of our binder’s feature and it definitely made the audience tweet to see their favorite speakers on the leaderboard! The feedback was awesome and everybody wanted to make it to the screen.

If you want my team and I to work on your event, do not hesitate and contact us. We will be more than happy to help you!