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10 [DEFINITIVE] Tips to get more followers on Instagram

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Do you want to get more followers on Instagram? Are your social media strategies not working so well? You’ve come to the right place. Mailclick’s Irene Calcaneo has written this awesome post so that you know how to get more followers on Instagram. Don’t believe us? Well, keep reading and find out for yourself.

Getting Instagram Followers: Every Community Manager’s Dream

If you’ve found this post, surely you’ve been searching for ways to get more Instagram followers; however, let me tell you that a bigger number of Instagram followers doesn’t always mean better results.

In this article, I’ll try to explain the different ways to increase your number of followers and, above all, how to do it with a quality based strategy that allows you two things:

  1. Maintain your followers so that the number doesn’t rise and then quickly disappear.
  2. That it becomes increasingly easier to gain Instagram followers all by itself.

With that said, let’s get started!

How Can You Get More Followers on Instagram?

More than anything, you should keep in mind that your followers represent more than just a number.

They’re also your market and everything you do should be directed towards satisfying their needs, not your own. 

Optimize your Instagram Profile: When the Obvious isn’t so Obvious

It may seem like something small, but it’s a subject that can be easily forgotten and people rarely pay attention to it. However, be careful! It’s crucial to gaining more followers.

Make sure your profile has a short, interesting introduction about yourself and your business, allowing that the people visiting your profile get to know you a little bit better and, in the case that they’re interested, start to follow you. Don’t waste time, think of an attractive description that hooks the reader.

Creativity is power! 🚀

The information you give should convey the essence of your account— what your business is, its purpose, its contact information and/or website, if the content of your publications is serious, playful, pertaining to a particular institution, or out of the ordinary. Everything starts here, in your profile page.

Believe me, in the blink of an eye, your profile should say: “Follow me”.

If you’re just starting your Instagram account, it’s a good idea that you refer to an Instagram for businesses guide, where you can find a roadmap for everything you’ll need to maximize the results of your profile.

We’ve Heard It Before: Only Publish Quality Content

I have no idea how many times I’ve read the same thing on the internet: create quality content. Content is key, make sure it’s of good quality for your followers, and, with that, a big etcetera.

But for some weird reason it seems that, on one hand, everyone has different definitions of what’s quality and, on the other, it’s not often that content is written keeping in mind its readers 100% of the time. Social media is full of information and publications that, in reality, aren’t of interest to anybody. Right there is the key to success so that your Instagram profile is able to get more Instagram followers fast.

So that your content is interesting to users, you must make sure that you’re producing what they demand. In other words, there needs to be a mutual relationship between you and your followers.

You can’t expect to gain loyal followers if what you publish doesn’t have anything to do with their likes and interests.

For example, if you have a business for online and in-person courses to learn how to make desserts, what would interest your followers or future followers to see in your account? What would your future clientele hope to find?

Upon first look, we could say photos of delicious desserts, right? It might seems obvious, but sometimes even the obvious is overlooked. For example, you could include tips on how to make those delicious desserts, what ingredients they use, how much time they take to make, what’s your secret ingredient, etc.

They’d probably also like to find out what kind of people attend your classes and, of course, the progress that those people have been able make there. It could even be interesting to publish the disastrous outcome, adding an element of humanity to your profile that might make them laugh a bit. But, be careful! We don’t want them to think that the results of the courses are bad, so always be careful with the ways in which you present them.

Furthermore, your followers will want to see you once in a while. That is, they’ll want to see the face behind your account. A small video or a professional photo could help a lot.

And believe me, they’ll also enjoy getting to know the person that’s made all of this possible beyond the business and dessert side of things- who you are and how life is going for you. Being human and showing that isn’t always a bad thing on Instagram. In fact, it could help bring in more followers.

Ksenia Penkina’s account is a perfect example of all this. I highly recommend you search her account and take a look.

Open Your Profile to the Public: Let Them Be Curious

Something that I’ll never understand on Instagram is how business accounts can be private. Theoretically, if someone creates a business account on social media, it’s because they’re looking for more exposure and followers, right?

If you make your account private, not only will your followers not be able to freely browse your content, but you’ll also have to approve who can follow you and who can’t.

Waiting is not something that many of us like. We’re used to getting the things we want almost immediately. That includes being able to see your posts. If people have to wait, they probably won’t want to see your account.

That, of course, mean that your profile will lose the opportunity to gain more followers. And that’s not something we want.

Make Your Posts Interesting and Make Sure They Represent Your Business Well

Ok, lets pretend that your profile has already been optimized and opened to the public with quality content but, even still, your posts are always about the same thing, even if the image and commentary has changed.

What would happen if you always shared a photo followed by the product name in your dessert account? Boring!

Make an effort to share creative and original posts. Thanks to articles like this one, you’ll be able to find out what kind of stories, photos, and videos your follows like the most. And if you’re lost or you don’t know how to do it, just ask them! Your followers will love to give their opinion. Ask your questions in a creative way and they’ll be more inclined to respond.

In this way, you’ll increase the interactions of your posts and the algorithm of Instagram will love it. What could go wrong?

You guessed it! Your posts will appear more frequently and, therefore, you’ll have more probability of gaining new followers.

That alone won’t increase your number of followers but, as a general rule, we tend to follow popular accounts that have a lot of user interaction. Therefore, once they’re able to find you, it’ll be more likely that they follow you as well.

There’s a lot of ways to market yourself on social media and to better your results there. It’s always important that you have your KPI’s (key performance indicators) clear because your actions depend on the objetives you have and because gaining followers is not always synonymous with a successful strategy.

An example of an account with interesting and diverse posts is the Instagram account of Go Pro, which takes advantage of UGC (user generated content) to create a visual experience for its followers.

Create Instagram Ads: Oh Come On! Don’t Be Stingy

Let’s be real, the business model of social media are ads, are they not?

So, basically, we could say that an algorithm beyond just making sure your audience is happy, and that they don’t move to another social media application, implies that more money is made. Are we in agreement?

If you’re hesitant because you don’t want to spend money on ads, take advantage of the same algorithmic model and create ads where people who are interested in your content can see your posts.

The reality is that it’s a quick way to increase your account’s following.

Remember that it’s a simple process: more exposure means you’ll be able to reach more people, and, with that, you’ll gain more exposure for your brand, new users, and interested clients.

In the end, you’ll gain more followers, especially if you have good content.

The turnaround doesn’t matter, ads will always help you reach your objective.

Use #hashtags wisely 🎯

That’s one of the most relevant points for gaining more followers. The key is that you keep people interested. With different hashtags, they’ll be able to find you and follow you more easily.

I’d say it’s one of the most useful strategies and it only requires your creativity and a little bit of time 🐥  

I wrote a guide about how to use Instagram hashtags just a little while ago. Surely, there’s some useful advice there to take advantage of to help you increase your number of followers.

Asses Your Instagram Hashtags

And, because we care, we’ve developed an application that lets you assess that hashtags you’ve used in Instagram on Tweet Binder. Cool, right?

Tag People in Your Posts

Have you posted something that’s in some way related to a business or individual? Have you recently been with someone that’s in some way related to the subject matter of your account’s content?

As long as what you post is relevante to your community or for the people and businesses that you could take, take advantage of that feature!

It’s a great way to enter the radar of other account— above all, if you already have a previously relationship with them. For example, you could tag people that have attended the workshop for your vegan pastries.

When’s a Good Time to Tag?

✓ Reach out to new profiles

If you want to be on another business’ radar— for example, a provider— it would be a good idea to share a photo of your product and tag that account.

✓ To work with potential collaborators

If you’ve collaborated with other businesses or individuals— whether commercially or for other non-profit purposes— it’s a great idea to tag them in images where you carry out those actions.

✓ Contest winners

Your contest and raffle winners will love that you’ve tagged them.

✓ To give thanks

If you want to let someone know you appreciate them, tagging them us a good way to do that— whether they’re your friends, clients, or more participative followers.

A special thank-you will make them feel important and special. Who doesn’t like that?

✓ Client testimonies

If testimonies are part of your social-media strategy or someone has left positive feedback, a tagged thank-you is a great way to respond.

These are just a few cases where it’d be a good idea to tag someone, but remember to be careful not to overuse tagging. Do it only when your tag conveys value, context, or positive emotions.

In the end, a tag may help you to enter the radar of more people, increasing your followers.

Make use of contests, raffles, and other creative platforms

Raffles haven’t died! No matter what they say, people love the idea of winning something, and free! Ever more, if they’ve followed you for a long time, they’ll consider it a prize well-deserved for their efforts.

So, create a platform that follows a series of steps to let your followers win, whoever they may be.

But be careful what you choose as your prizes. You could have participants that don’t care much about your brand and are only trying to win contests and raffles in general.

The prize you choose should be intimately tied to your business in a way that the participants will be genuinely interested to win and use it— which will expand your client base.

For example, if you give out an iPad but you sell dessert, you’ll have a new wave of followers that are only there for a short time given their interest to win an iPad. In other words, they’ll never be interested in your actual account.

However, if the prize was one of your own products, the people interested, on one hand, will be those that live relatively close and can go to get them. On the other hand, the participants will actually enjoy your desserts and may become habitual clients. That’s the type of follower that you should be interested in!

Use Instagram Stories and Highlight Them!

This point will help you to increase the interactions that you have with your current followers. You’ve got to be thinking: “I want new followers, not just to interact more with the ones I already have.”

You’re absolutely right. But, remember how it works: more interaction and your posts will reach more people. Reach more people and your account will have more interaction. It’s like a vicious cycle.

This cycle will help the people that have discovered your account through ads and hashtags to see that your posts and stories are popular. In this way, they’ll be tempted to follow you too.


Respond to Comments and Interact with Your Followers

On occasion, people that don’t already follow your account may become curious and leave a comment on one of your posts.

By responding to them, you’ll bridge the gap between following you or forgetting about it.

More than just responding to the comments that people leave on your account, you can also looks for people of interest— for example, providers, clients, friends, acquaintances, or influencers— that might be interested in your content to interact with them.

You can leave comments, like one of their posts, or even start to follow their accounts.

But, keep in mind that you shouldn’t follow someone just for the sake of following them. Do it only when your interaction can help to add value for both accounts. This Starbucks account is a good example of personalized responses— mostly on famous brands. A simple response lets people know that they’re important and valued, which creates loyalty towards your brand.

Oh! And before we finish: please don’t spam or buy your followers. Those strategies might give you temporary results, but, in reality, real business opportunities are what’s going to help your numbers the most.

A false follower isn’t going to buy anything and it’s not likely, if not impossible, that they’ll interact with your posts.

For every 100 people that you’ve followed just for a follow back, it’s unlikely that anyone is actually interested in your content. If you decide to do it, use caution and make sure that you search who you follower keeping in mind your market and with which people you’ll be able to create valuable interactions.

Above all, focus on steady and stable growth. Don’t try to get 100,000 followers in one day. Unless you’re a celebrity or famous brand, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to grow so quickly.

So, have patience and you’ll see the results that your content strategy deserves.

Want More Information About a Specific Hashtag?

If you’ve been trying and trying to get more followers on your Instagram account or a client account, I recommend that you work with reliable, quality data.

To do so, remember there are reports done on Instagram that may help you to make the best decisions. Don’t think about it any more! Get more followers for you accounts. We can help you!

Did I forget to include something? Do you have a strategy that works to increase your followers? Tell us in the comments!