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Take advantage of Twitter data and beat your competitors

We love challenges as much as we enjoy working on a innovative campaign. Tweet Binder Sports has done one amazing development once again. One of our last works has been to help Four Winds engaging with the Super TC2000 race on Termas del Río Hondo during the weekend. Following their ideas and their knowledge on the issue and our Twitter data knowledge and capabilities to display analytics, they decided to let the followers of the teams and pilots show their support through the competition counting their tweets and mentions. This has been possible thanks to a customized website that we provided where the teams and pilots were placed depending on the tweets they received.


The idea itself was well delivered and perfectly executed but, what’s more, they knew that the supporters were the key of the action that’s why social buttons were placed on the site to let the users users be the center of the action. You could vote for your team or even for your favorite pilot. Tweet Binder Sport is really complete and competitive option to engage with your followers. It’s also a great way to take the live competition to a new level, having the chance to make the users decide the podium.


Four Winds has really clear thought about how they wanted to display the content. We designed the site according to their idea and we set up everything to work as requested. There are times when clients know really well what they want and how they want it. Other ways is not that clear. Either ways, we are open to discuss and give our best to deliver the best solution according to the expectations and the budget of each of those who contact us asking for about a custom project.

It’s time to take some risk and try to really engage with your followers. Let them be a real part of your strategy and learn from what they share. We can keep on asking them to tweet but we have to give shape to what they share. Let’s make it happen! We can be the best car to win this race, are you ready to be the best driver?