Do you want to get familiar with general stats? Let’s do this!

Doing a Twitter hashtag analysis can be tricky sometimes but Tweet Binder‘s reports make it much more easy. We offer a wide range of useful statistics that will help you when analyzing a campaign or a hashtag on Twitter.

We can track any term, hashtag or account with Tweet Binder… It’s a huge amount of information!!  We want to help you to get all the potential of the tool and today we are going to explain the general overview stats.

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Tweets: The total number of tweets and retweets sent using the hashtag/term/keyword.

Potencial impacts: The potential number of times somebody could have seen the hashtag.

To calculate impact we do a very simple calculus. We want to measure the number of times that the hashtag could have been seen so we will go user by user multiplying the number of followers per user by the number of tweets each user has sent. After that we will add all these user results.

Potencial reach: Number of unique users that could have seen the hashtag.

In that case we will do another simple calculus. We will add all the followers each user who participated in the hashtag has. For this statistic, the number of tweets is not relevant.

Contributors: Number of unique users that have used the hashtag.

Followers per contributor: We calculate the average of followers per contributor.

Instagram: Number of tweets sent via Instagram.

Tweets per contributor: we calculate the average number of tweets per contributor.

With this explanation you are now ready to create your own report and to start analyzing its stats. We work each day trying to add new stats to these reports so your experience with Tweet Binder is as good as possible. If there is anything you are missing, let us know and we will do our best to incorporate it to the report. And now that if you have any doubts, you can always contact us and we will gladly help you.